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Fair prices, no hidden fees

No subscriptions, no monthly fees. You’ll always see the fee upfront, and only pay for what you use.

Registering with Wise
Register for a Wise account
45 GBP
Sending money
Sending money
Fee varies by currency
From 0.43%
Spending with your card
Withdrawing 200 GBP per month per account
2 or less withdrawals
ATM fees over 200 GBP per month per account
+ 0.50 GBP per withdrawal
Account Funding transactions
Applies to transactions that include topping up e-wallets and other accounts in certain currencies, see FAQ.
Getting the Wise debit card
No subscription fees
Converting money
Fee varies by currency
From 0.43%
Holding money in your account
Hold 40+ currencies
Invest with Wise
Invest in the world’s largest companies
0.55% (annual fee)

Our three principles

Coin pile down illustration

Low, and getting lower

We charge as little as possible, and we’re on a mission to drop prices until we’re eventually free.

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Radically transparent

We’re honest and upfront about what things cost, we use the mid-market rate, and never hide fees.

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Fair for all

You pay for what you use. No more. No less. We believe no one should pay the cost of someone else’s ‘free’.