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Save more with monthly volume discounts.

Send more than 100,000 GBP — or equivalent in your currency — over a calendar month? You’ll get a discount on any amount you send over that limit.
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    How much do you plan to send a month?

    Total fees GBP

    The more you send, the more you save.

    The discount works a bit like tax brackets do — you only get a discount on the amount you send within each bracket.

    They’re calculated in GBP. So if you normally send another currency, we’ll work out which bracket you’re in using the live exchange rate.

    • Discount is based on your monthly volume

    • Valid on single and multiple transfers

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    Monthly volume (GBP)Discount (%)











    Why is it cheaper?

    Our fee is made up of a few different parts. One of those is operational costs — like running our offices and paying staff. These costs stay pretty much the same no matter how much you send.

    This means that when you send a large amount, we can drop the part of our fees that pay for operations.

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    Our three principles.

    Be radically transparent.

    Normal companies aren't always 100% honest about their fees and profits. We believe in having nothing to hide.

    Charge as little as possible.

    Normal companies charge as much as they can get away with. We believe in upside-down pricing.

    Make it simple, make it instant.

    Normal companies make you pay more for 'premium' stuff. We believe the best-possible should be standard.