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Cut your costs and save time on international payroll.

Introducing the batch payments tool for paying employees overseas. Better exchange rates, zero receiving fees, and time back in your day.

Batch payments: the faster, cheaper way to run your payroll.

Forget individual transfers to your employees overseas. Now you can run your entire payroll with just one click.

The batch payment tool lets you create and send multiple transfers with one payment – by simply uploading a file.

Use it to send money to employees in all countries that Wise covers – at the same price and speed as our individual transfers.

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How to run payroll with batch payments:

Download a template

We've created different file templates to help you get started. Use whichever is best for you.

Fill out employee details

Add the payment details for each transfer, then save and upload your file as a .CSV. Each file can contain up to 1,000 transfers.

Pay with the real exchange rate

Review your transfers and make one payment. Your employees will receive their money in their local currency.

Know how much to pay in your currency or theirs.

With Wise, you can use our calculator and batch payments tool to make sure your employees are paid what they're owed. In your currency, or in theirs.

So if your employee's paycheck is in euros, just enter the exact amount they're owed in the second box of the calculator. You'll see how much you have to send in pounds.

If their paycheck is in pounds, but they still need euros, enter the exact amount in the first box. Either way, you’ll always get the real exchange rate and low fees.

Save up to 4% compared to PayPal and banks.

Paying employees in multiple currencies can get expensive. PayPal could charge over 20X more than Wise each time you make a payment.

That's because unlike PayPal, we'll always give you the real exchange rate, not an inflated one. All you'll pay is one, fair fee each time you make a payment. See the breakdown here


"Wise helps our customers get over 10,000 of their employees paid.” – Liam Martin, Time Doctor

Give your employees the benefit of zero receiving fees.

Unlike PayPal and most banks, we'll never charge your employees to receive their pay. By the time it gets to them, it'll already be in their local currency.

So if you use Wise to pay your European employees, they'll pay nothing to get paid in Euros. And their paychecks could be over 7% bigger because of our better exchange rate.


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