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The Account built for Amazon businesses

Receive payments in 9 currencies for free. Quickly transfer money in 40+ currencies. Pay expenses and invoices. Manage your earnings. And more, all from a single account

Why 30,000+ Amazon sellers choose Wise
Pay ZERO fees when receiving from Amazon. Pay a low fee when sending
Wise is participating in Amazon's Payment Service Provider Program
Get paid fast. With local accounts instead of international SWIFT transfers

Easy to set up & use. Create an account online within minutes

Pay your team, suppliers, taxes & more in 40+ currencies
No managing multiple accounts. Save time & stress

Pay ZERO fees when receiving from Amazon. Pay a low fee when sending.

Curious about our send fees? Use our calculator to see our fees and exchange rate upfront so you know exactly what you’re paying every time. No surprises.
Send the money from your online banking

Get paid fast – and for free – in your preferred currency

No more international SWIFT transfers.
Wise gives you local Account Details in 9 different currencies so you can receive money from Amazon fast and free.

Pay your team, suppliers, taxes & more in 40+ currencies

Send money wherever it needs to go, fast. Save money with free domestic transfers or pay our low, transparent fees for cross currency & international transfers. 

Issue international debit cards for each team member

Quickly & easily add team members to your Wise account with specific roles.

Control spending by assigning limits to each card or setting approvals for payments.

Feed Amazon transactions directly into your accounting software

Save hours of manual data entry & unnecessary cross checks by syncing your Wise account with your favourite accounting tools.

Do it all from a single account

No need to create, manage or pay for multiple accounts.

With Wise, you have everything you need to receive, send, spend & manage your Amazon earnings.

195,000+ Trustpilot reviews. Rated 4.2 stars

It's your money. You can trust us to get it where it needs to be, but don't take our word for it.

"Works as promised and expected, has some of the lowest fees among competitors, uses actual conversion rate as seen in google/exchange sites and doesn’t have any hidden conversion charges...."

“Have been using wise services for a while now. Very simple to use great rates on transfers. If you take multiple currencies and payments from Amazon, Stripe etc get paid in seamlessly. Their bank feeds directly into our accounting software too. Highly recommend.”

"Borderless account is the future :) started using the Wise Borderless account for making a withdrawals in the USD from Amazon USA and then paying in the USD to our suppliers in Hong Kong and ShenZhen. Payment reached our supplier in less than 24 hours and cost only 3$!"

Saving Customers time & money for 10+ years

Since 2011, we’ve been focused on a few key ideas when it comes to helping customers move and manage their money:

Instant & same-day transfers


Close to half our transfers arrive within 20 seconds , which means you can spend less time waiting and more time running your business.

Easy & stress free


Wise is simple and user friendly, from creating your account online to intuitive money transfers, clear account details & more.

Pricing for you, not us


You pay the mid-market exchange rate, plus our small fees.

Transparent everything


Know exactly how much your recipient will receive with upfront, transparent fees. You can also see exactly where your money is and when recipients will receive it with real-time payment tracking.

Safeguarded in leading banks


We hold your money with established financial institutions, so it's separate from our own accounts and in our normal course of business not accessible to our partners. Read more

24/7 security & monitoring


With a dedicated fraud & security team, 24/7 monitoring, 2-factor authentication to protect your account, real-time spend notifications & more.

Connect your Amazon store to Wise in under 24 hours

Join 30,000+ Amazon business owners who are saving on fees, getting paid faster, sending money seamlessly around the world & so much more
1. Create your Wise Business account online

2. Update your bank details & deposit methods on Amazon. See how

3. Verify & save your bank details

4. All set!

Send the money from your online banking

Join 30,000+ Amazon sellers who use Wise

Create your account today to save on fees, get paid faster, send money seamlessly around the world & so much more

Get set up in minutes