What your choice in baked goods says about your finances

Anna Allgaier

Oh, hello. You’ve decided to read one of my articles, I’m flattered blush. My name’s Anna and I work at Wise as a Content Marketing Manager. Much like a good chocolate chip cookie recipe, a pinch of salt is required here. All views, giggles and niggles come from me, not Wise. So if you have any qualms or questions, get in touch. Happy reading.

If you’re from the UK or are just a massive fan of eating cake (like most people) then The Great British Bake Off will have been on your radar.

And since it’s back on our screens, the only logical thing to do was pigeonhole you based on your favourite nibble. So here you go. Get pickin.

🍰A recipe for easy currency conversion

Victoria sponge? You take the finance plunge

Ah the Victoria sponge, yes it’s a classic, simple cake but it’s unafraid to be just what it is, two layers of sponge, some jam, and some cream. It’s timeless, untouchable, tried and bloomin tested. You’re just as bold as this pud when it comes to your finances. Investing your money doesn’t scare you and you’re always prepared to jump into a new freelance opportunity wherever it may be.

Macaroon? You’ll need to start saving soon

Oh you, what are you like? You like to experience everything life has to offer, so it’s no wonder your choice of baked good is just as pricey as your lifestyle. But it’s time to start saving. You hear me? SAVE. I recommend using Wise Jars so you can put aside cash for flights and for the future.

Cronut? You aint no travel donut

The merging of two beautiful, beautiful things, an American donut and a French croissant. Insert multi currency joke. You know what’s up. You avoid the Beauro de Change like the plague and always travel with your Wise card handy so you can take out cash for free when abroad and spend like a local in different currencies. You clever clots.

Cupcake? You never make finance mistake

You are well versed in the language of money honey. Nothing gets past you. You’ve got savings, you’ve got a business and personal card all in one handy place (it’s us, we’re the handy place, obviously), and you’re on top of your taxes. Claps all round for you.

Scone? You don’t go at it alone

You know the importance of research. You don’t jump on the bank bandwagon without digging a little deeper. You always look for the most affordable, flexible and trustworthy option. Go you.

Cinnamon bun? Think of the future hun

You don’t struggle with staying on top of your savings, but you don’t look far into the future. It’s time to think about your credit rating in case you ever want a mortgage, set up a business, or need to take out a loan. So what are you waiting for, go get that bad boy up.

Baguette? Not using Wise is your one regret

Sigh. You didn’t jump on the Wise train early enough and now you spend your days daydreaming about how much money you could’ve saved, or how much faster that transfer could’ve gotten to your Nan. But wipe those tears away, it’s never too late

Pumpernickel? Oh boy are you fickle

You’re a special kind of spender. One minute you love nothing more than saving and being strategic with your money. Next, you’re back on ASOS with 30 shorts in your basket even though it's Winter.

Roulade? You love an affordable card

You roll with the smart option when it comes to your card. Get it? Because Roulade is a roll? Hehe. You use a Wise card for your personal account and your business account so you can keep an eye on employee spending and your own.

French fancy? Finances make you antsy

Numbers scare you, and they scare you even more when they’re tied to your cash. But stop right there, make yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and let us take some of the stress away.

How to make a Wise cake

Set your finances to “omg things are about to get so much better”

1 cup of transparency
100 g of affordability
150 g mid-market exchange rates
2 heaped tbsp of multiple currencies
¼ cup of digital and physical cards

Wait, a couple of minutes, and voila, you have an account. Now, wasn’t that easy.

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