Where to get essential items in Romania


This guide contains resources to help you find all the basic items you might need when you get to Romania.

If you are a Ukrainian citizen and come to Romania, you will be admitted and protected by the Romanian state.

Upon arriving in Romania, you can find local volunteers offering hot tea, food, and blankets. There are warehouses near the border, and many volunteers on hand to assist anyone escaping the conflict in Ukraine.

The most used border crossing point is the town of Siret, which is close to Porubne, Ukraine.

There is also a list of important addresses and contact numbers for Ukrainians in Romania you may find useful.

If you need to buy some basic items, you can read this guide to find places to buy food, medicine, clothing, transport tickets, mobile services, and accommodation in Romania.

The links provided will take you to Google Maps location, mostly near the border town of Siret.


In Romania, some of the most popular supermarkets are:


In Romania, the word for pharmacy in Romanian is ‘farmacie’. There are 24/7 pharmacies in the country’s capital, Bucharest.

Here are a few pharmacies you’ll find in the country:

Hygiene products

In Romania, you can buy hygiene products in most supermarkets, mini markets, and pharmacies.


There are various clothing stores in Romania where you can pick up the essentials, including the following shops:

For second-hand clothes, try the following stores:

You can find a variety of clothing stores in nearby Piatra Neamț.

Pet products

If you have a pet, you can find supplies at the following stores in Romania:

You can search for local pet stores by searching ‘Magazin de articole pentru animale de companie’, which means ‘pet store’ in Romanian.

Transport services

Romania is a country that favors public transport, so you should find it easy to get around without a car. Here are some of the most popular public transport methods:

Here’s a bus comparison site you can use to check schedules and prices on various routes.

You can also travel by train, and can check the CFR National Railway Company SA website for schedules.

Taxi services:

Car sharing service:

Mobile prepaid

There are three main mobile service providers in Romania that provide pre-paid sims:

Vodafone offers free pre-paid sim cards for Ukrainians crossing the border. You can collect a free sim from the customs points of Satu Mare, Maramureș, Suceava, Galați and Tulcea counties, including the main entry points into the country, Siret, Halmeu, Sighet, Albița, Sculeni and Vama Isaccea.

Also in the Refugee Centers in Rădăuți, Maramureș, Sighet, Suceava, Botoșani, Siret, Tulcea, Galați and Iași, and in the Vodafone stores in Satu Mare, Maramureș, Suceava, Botoșani, Galați and Tulcea.


Here are some websites you can use to search for accommodation when you arrive in Romania:

Translation apps for Romanian phrases

For fast translations, Google Translate is a convenient option.

The English to Romanian translator app on the App Store from SentientIT Software Solution is also a great way to get quick translations.

We’re committed to doing everything we can to help people in Ukraine today. We’ve created a community support page to help those who are currently unsure what they can do. Whether you want to donate, or you’re in Ukraine seeking refuge, we hope some of this information can be useful.

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