Important addresses and contact numbers for Ukrainians in Romania


Emergency numbers

    Help-line for the Romanian Border Police (in Ukrainian)
  • Phone number: +40219590
    Romanian National Council for Refugees
  • Phone number:(004) 0213126210
  • Hotline: (004)0730073170
  • Email:
    UNHCR Romania
  • Phone number: +40 21 201 7873
  • Email:
  • Hotline: +40 723 653 651 (available 24/7)
    International Organisation for Migration
  • Phone number: +40 21 - 210.30.50
  • Fax: +40 21 - 211.44.54
  • Email:
    Emergency — ambulance, fire brigade or police
  • Call 112
    Emergencies related to children(including for children without families)
  • Call 119

Arrival and asylum

Ukrainian nationals with a passport can enter Romania on a short stay basis for up to 90 days, and claim asylum immediately or at any point during the 90 days. If you arrive at the Ukrainian border without a passport you’ll need to apply for asylum immediately. There’s information in Ukrainian and English about how to apply for asylum, and your rights when you do so, here, or here.

Ukrainian citizens can also enter without documents on the basis of declared identity for humanitarian reasons.

If you’re not a Ukrainian national, but have been residing in Ukraine you can enter Romania on your home country passport and get a visa on arrival. If you do not have your passport you’ll need to claim asylum on arrival. If you need support to cross the border as a third country national you can call the International Organisation for Migration +40 21 - 210.30.50.

You can ask for asylum:

  • Upon arriving at the Romanian border
  • At any of the 6 Regional Centres for Housing and Procedures for Asylum Seekers in Bucharest, Timișoara, Giurgiu, Maramureș, Rădăuți and Galați - details below
  • At any office of the Inspectorate of Immigration - locations by region here
Regional Centre for Housing and Procedures for Asylum SeekersAddress and contact information
  • București (capital city of Romania)
  • str. Tudor Gociu, nr. 24A, sector 4, București
  • Phone number: +40 21 240 87 74
  • Email:
  • Fax:+40 21 240 85 10
  • Timișoara (next to the Romanian-Hungarian border)
  • Str. Armoniei nr.33, Timișoara, judetul Timiș
  • Phone: 0256.421.240
  • Fax: Fax: 0256.227.500
  • Email:
  • Giurgiu (next to the Romanian-Bulgarian border)
  • Bulevardul 1907, Giurgiu, județul Giurgiu
  • Phone:0246 – 215056
  • Fax: 0246 - 215055
  • E-mail:
  • Maramureș (next to Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk Oblasts)
  • Str. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 11, Satu Mare
  • Phone: +40 261 80 77 57, +40 261 80 77 77 interior 20695, 20696, 20697
  • Fax: +40 261 80 77 57
  • E-mail:
  • Rădăuți (next to Chernivtsi Oblast)
  • Str. Perilor nr.2, Rădăuți, județul Suceava
  • Phone: +40 230 56 44 62, +40 230 56 44 63
  • Fax: +40 261 80 77 57
  • E-mail:
  • Galați (next to Odessa Oblast)
  • Str. Săvinești nr.2, Galați, județul Galaţi
  • Phone: 0236 – 323878
  • Fax: 0236 -323884
  • Email:
🎯 Updates on the situation on the ground are available online from these resource sites:


If you are a refugee in Romania you can access emergency medical care, and help with chronic and acute conditions at temporary accommodation and humanitarian assistance locations, or through the national healthcare system.

Useful contacts for emergency medical care include Sanador clinics, Regina Maria polyclinics and partner centres, and Medicover for Ukrainian refugee mothers and expectant mothers. In all cases, treatment for Ukrainian refugees should be free of charge.

Here are some major hospitals in big Romanian cities, and border locations:

    Address: Splaiul Independentei nr. 169, București
    Phone: 021.318.05.19; 021.318.05.23; 021.318.05.22
    Address: Bulevardul Liviu Rebreanu, Nr. 156, Cod 300723, Timișoara
    Phone: +4-0356-433111
    Address: Strada Avram Iancu 22, Sighetu Marmației 435500, Romania
    Phone: (+4) 0262 311541
    Address: Calea Bucovinei no. 34A, Radauti, Suceava County
    Phone:+ 40-230-56.40.67
    Address: Str. Alexandru Moruzzi, Nr. 5-7, Galata, 800223
    Phone: +40236 - 475764, 460795, 475768


The Ukrainian State Border Guard website gives details of the border crossing points with Romania, including the types of traffic allowed to cross, and whether the crossing is fully open. The Romanian Border authorities also offer a border map showing expected wait times.

You can also access the Ukrainian State Border Guard interactive map of border crossing points to learn more.

At the crossings to Sighetu Marmatiei and Siret Romanian volunteers have been actively working to pass out water and supplies to arriving refugees. Additional support including transport away from the border crossing has been made available through local helpers and companies.

Border point (Ukrainian side)Border point (Romanian side)Transportation types
    Crossing allowed by car and on foot
    Sighetu Marmatiei
    Crossing allowed by car and on foot
    Crossing allowed by car and on foot
    Crossing allowed by car and on foot


Ukrainian refugees can travel for free on trains by showing their passport or other identification documents.

Wizz Air is offering free short haul flights for Ukrainian refugees.

Citizen action groups are active and supporting refugees with transport and accommodation. Try Uniti Pentru Ucraina (United for Ukraine) and Solidari cu Ucraina (In Solidarity with Ukraine) on Facebook as a starting point.

Other options include a free bus available from the border in Siret from a Radauti Company - Tarsin, to bus and train stations and airports for onward travel. Other similar local solutions are being set up to help arriving refugees depart border crossing points more easily. From Siret border, for international travel, help is provided by Romfour Transport.

Ukrainian Embassy in Romania

City and typeAddress and contact details
    Embassy of Ukraine in Romania
    Address: 011 862 România, Bucharest, Bulevardul Aviatorilor nr. 24, Sector 1
    Phone:+4021 230 36 60
    Hotline:+4021 230 36 60

Other resources

The UNHCR lists a range of helpful resources by location, including agencies to support children and families, LGBTQ+ persons, those seeking medical and psychological support and people who plan to settle in Romania and are looking for resettlement support.

The website is a platform that functions as an aggregator and aims to facilitate a rapid response to all the needs of refugees.

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