Student writer? We want to hear from you


###Studying abroad this year? Love writing? Wise is looking for people studying overseas to take part in our student blogging competition.

If you think this could be your thing, keep reading.

####Should I apply?

We’re looking for writing enthusiasts who are studying in Europe this year. It needs to be your first or only year of study in that country.

You'll also need a passion for writing. The competition runs throughout the academic year so you need to be committed and excited by the prospect of regular blogging.

####What will I write about?

The Wise team will be setting a new content theme every fortnight - what you do with it is up to you.

Topics could be anything from your tips on how to choose the right place to study abroad, discovering the hidden gems in your new city to managing a student budget between countries.

####How will it work?

Every month bloggers will be set a new theme to explore. That’s two weeks to decide how to approach your blog and a two weeks to write it up. You’ll submit your copy to us for a quick review and we’ll post it on Wise’s blog.

It’s a great opportunity to get your work in front of a massive audience. We’ll share the best of the content on our Facebook page with over 235,000 likes and to our 30,000+ Twitter followers.

We’ll also be encouraging you to gain your own following by promoting the content yourself. Other students reading the blogs can vote for their favourite content, and there will be a small prize up for grabs each time for the winning blogger.

####What style of writing are you looking for?

A really important thing to remember here is that you want people to read your blogs, so while writing think:

“Would I be interested in this?”

We want to get to know you through your writing. After all, it’s your journey we’ll be following.. Don’t be scared to share your opinions, that’s what it’s all about.

A simple, conversational tone is key, save the academia for the seminars. Similarly this isn’t War and Peace, so try to keep your entries short and succinct.

####How do I enter?

If you’ve made it this far then you’re probably planning to apply. The process is as follows:

Submit a blog entry to with the title:

‘Settling into my new city’

What you choose to focus on here is up to you, it can be on one particular aspect or many. It should be no longer than 700 words.

####What happens next?

Our expert panel here at Wise - highly skilled in the art of blog-judging - will be reviewing your applications. Should your submission be selected as a finalist, we will be in touch for a chat.

So, let’s get going. Send your blog entry to by Wednesday 2nd November along with your full name, university and the course you’re studying.

We can’t wait to read them!

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