Best private schools in France and their cost

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Are you moving to France from the UK and looking for the best private schools for your precious ones?

This post covers the best private schools in France, the cost of private schools in France and a brief overview of each school as well as information on how to apply.

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Table of contents

11 best private schools in France

Whether you’re moving to France from the UK or want to send your child to a boarding school in France, choosing the right school for your child is top priority. Below you’ll find a table of some of the best private schools in France and their tuition fees per year.

An important note on the fees: not all the fees are included in the tuition fee. These might be school lunches, uniforms, one-time fees for new joiners, textbooks, school trips and so on. In more costly private schools in France, extra fees can add up to thousands of euros in additional costs.

Before choosing a school, do your own research to determine which school is the best fit for your child.

SchoolTuition feesTypeLocation
British School of Paris€20,082 - €33,073¹ (around £17,170 - £28,280)Co-educationalParis
International School of Paris€ 19,260 - € 27,840² (around £16,460 - £23,800)Co-educationalParis
Ermitage International School€6,760 - €7,780 or around £5,780 – £6,650

With boarding:

€25,288 - €37,711³ (around £21,620 - £32,240)
Co-educationalMaisons-Laffitte, near Paris
Kingsworth International School€14,780 - €24,350⁴ (around £12,640 - £20,820)Co-educationalParis
École Jeannine Manuel - Paris€9,560 - €29,806⁵ (around £8,174 - £25,484)Co-educationalParis
IBS of Provence€11,800 - €16,300 (around £10,090 - £13,930)

With boarding: Up to €33,850⁶ or around £28,940

Co-educationalLuynes, near Aix-en-Provence
Sainte Victoire International School – SVIS€11,100 - €20,350 (around £9,490 - £17,400)

With boarding: €15,800⁷ or around £13,510

Co-educationalNear Aix-en-Provence
Notre-Dame International High School€20,700 - €21,200 (around £17,700 - £18,120)

With boarding: €5,300 - €13,800⁸ (around £4,530 - £15,490)

Co-educationalVerneuil-sur-Seine, near Paris
The American School of Paris€20,550 - €38,560⁹ (around £17,570 - £32,970)Co-educationalParis
Rainbow School Paris€6,990 - €11,600¹⁰ (around £5,970 - £9,920)Co-educationalParis
Ecole Galilée€6,349 - €10,156¹¹ (around £5,430 - £8,680)Co-educationalParis
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British School of Paris

The British School of Paris (BSP) was established in 1954 and is located in the scenic Croissy-sur-Seine. BSP is proud to carry the tradition of British education in France. It is the only British international school in France inspected by British Schools Overseas.

The curriculum follows that of England and Wales and students can pursue GCSEs and A-levels. The school welcomes boys and girls of all nationalities between the ages 3-18.

Students can participate in over 50 extracurricular activities from arts and sciences to sports and community service.

99% of students pass their A-level tests and 90% of graduates get accepted into their first choice of university.12

International School of Paris

The International School of Paris is a co-educational school founded in 1983. A truly international school, it has students from over 70 nationalities between the ages of 3-18. Pupils are taught the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum throughout primary, secondary and high school.

40% of students who graduate from ICS Paris go on to study in the top 100 universities of the world (according to The Times Higher Education University Ranking 2022).

ICS Paris dedicates itself to providing a well-rounded education. The school encourages students to explore their interests and passions through different activities. This includes sports, arts, environmental activities, and more.

In addition, students have easy access into the vibrant city of Paris. ICS Paris is located in the heart of the city and pupils take frequent trips into the city to enrich their learning experiences.13


Ermitage International School

Ermitage International school is a co-educational school that was founded in 1941. This day and boarding school offers two learning paths to its students. The first is to study as part of the IB programs (through grades 6-12). The second is to join the French bilingual programs, which run from Pre-K to 12th grade. About 1460 students study in the school, with 65 pupils boarding.

It's worth mentioning that 100% of IB students gain admission to their first-choice universities. And 100% of pupils pass their French Baccalaureate with Honors.

The school grounds are located just outside of Paris in Maisons-Laffitte. As a true home-away-from-home, the school's boarding facilities are located in cosy historic French homes. Boarders can stay for a 5-day week or a full 7-day week.

Special mention: Ermitage International School provides two equestrian programs for riders aged 11 to 18. These programs seamlessly integrate riding lessons into the school timetable.14

Kingsworth International School

Kingsworth International school has a unique educational approach from early years (from age 2.5) to primary school (year 5). The customised curriculum they use is a seamless blend of both British and French curriculums. Classes are mostly held in English, with options for French immersion. Starting from year 6 the students follow a British curriculum.

Well-known for its excellence, Kingsworth balances academic demands by prioritising student well-being. The school also puts a lot of emphasis on developing critical thinking and encouraging active inquiry. Kingsworth doesn't have mandatory uniforms. This is to allow for students' individual expression as well as comfort.

The average class size is just 15 students and 210 students from 40 nationalities attend the school. 100% of graduates get accepted into universities.15

École Jeannine Manuel - Paris

École Jeannine Manuel is a bilingual international school founded in 1954. The school has campuses in both Paris and Lille. At the heart of the school lies its French-English bilingual programme, which focuses on fluency and effectiveness in both languages. You'll also find special English, Science and Chinese programs. École Jeannine Manuel follows the French national curriculum and accepts students from nursery to 12th grade.

With a diverse student body representing 80 nationalities, this school has a truly global community. Boarding is available starting from year 6.

Students take French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate exams. In 2023 the Paris school had a 100% pass rate for both. 97% of graduates achieved honours, 81% achieved high or very high honours on their French Baccalaureate exams.16

IBS of Provence - International Bilingual School

This welcoming day and boarding school is located in Luynes, just outside Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. Surrounded by 5 hectares of tranquil wooded estate, it makes for an idyllic learning environment.

The International Bilingual School of Provence was established in 1984. Over 700 students from more than 75 countries study here, in a multicultural environment designed for learners from ages 2 to 18. You'll find a strong focus on academic excellence, languages and the development of the students' character.

IBS is an accredited International Baccalaureate school. It provides a mix of the IB curriculum alongside the traditional French curriculum and Cambridge IGCSEs.

The exams pass rate for 2023 were the following: Cambridge exams (A1, A2, B1, B2) - 100%, IGCSE - 94%, French Baccalaureate - 100%, International Baccalaureate - 93%.17


Sainte Victoire International School – SVIS

Sainte Victoire International School (SVIS) is an IB World School. The school offers its students the prestigious International Baccalaureate program as well as Cambridge IGCSE. SVIS graduates go on to study in some of the top universities of the world.

From primary to high school, SVIS nurtures students' academic growth in their French-English bilingual environment. The school emphasises hands-on learning and there's a wide range of after school activities available.

Set in the middle of the serene beauty of an international 18-hole golf course, SVIS provides a tranquil environment for learning. The majestic Sainte Victoire mountain in the background makes for an inspiring sight.

Boarding facilities are available for middle and high school students. Each apartment accommodates two students, providing plenty of comfort and helping to foster social connections.18

Notre-Dame International High School

Notre-Dame International High School is located in Verneuil-sur-Seine, near Paris. Students learn in an English-taught American curriculum while also exploring French language and culture.

Notre-Dame International High School offers bilingual college prep to a diverse set of students from across the world. Students are accepted into grades 10 through 12.

Students will find a huge selection of different clubs and activities available. And, to provide even more variety, after-school extracurriculars change every year.

Exciting excursions and travels into neighbouring countries are a part of the school experience. Pupils get a chance to discover many European cultures and to deepen their life and learning experiences.19

The American School of Paris

The American School of Paris is a vibrant, international, family-oriented community teaching an American curriculum to students between the ages of 3–18.

The American School of Paris offers its students several educational pathways. This includes Advanced Placement, IB and college preparatory classes. The school's students go on to study in prestigious American and international universities and benefit from the largest campus in Paris, experienced faculty, and dedicated support services.

In 2021 over 98% of graduates were accepted to one of their top three universities. And the class of 2022 boasts a 100% pass rate for IB and AP (over 90% of students took the exams).

The school offers 60+ after school activities to support each child's interests. From competitive sports teams to a music recording studio, there's something for everyone. 20

Rainbow School Paris

Founded in 2003, the Rainbow School is a Cambridge International School. Combining Montessori and international curricula, the school fosters autonomy and a love for learning. Rainbow School emphasises multiculturalism and welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. The school accepts students from nursery to primary levels (years 1-5).

Small class sizes (up to 16 pupils per class) ensure all students get the attention they need. One of the key focus areas is providing a supportive environment and parent involvement is highly encouraged to increase the sense of community.

As with other bilingual schools, there is a strong emphasis on language immersion. The school follows the French national curriculum in primary school alongside the English education. French as a foreign language (FLE) classes are also available for all non-native French speakers and are adapted to each level as needed.21

Ecole Galilée

Galilée International School was founded in 2010 and is located in Paris. This international school has a special focus on teaching gifted children.

Their bilingual program starts from kindergarten, fostering a love for English from an early age. The school uses innovative teaching methods and certified instructors. Trilingual education, including Spanish, begins from CE1 and continues throughout secondary school.

Galilée International School aims to holistically develop each child. The teachers and staff look beyond IQ scores to discover and nurture high-potential students. These highly sensitive and gifted children receive special attention here through tailored teaching methods.22

How many private schools are in France?

France has close to 2,000 private secondary schools, which is roughly a fifth of all the secondary schools in the country.²³ ²⁴And, there’s about 5,700 private primary schools to choose from. This includes kindergarten and elementary schools. The total number of primary schools is approximately 44,000.²⁵

How much do private schools cost in France?

France isn’t among the most expensive countries to study in, but on the other hand, you’ll find some very prominent private schools here. These schools will provide a high quality of education and also have higher tuition fees.

Here are the tuition fees per year of some private schools from our list:

SchoolPrimary school (école élémentaire)Middle school (collège)Secondary school (lycée)
École Jeannine Manuel Paris€15,400 or around £13157€21,050 or around £17,980€23,050 - €24,350 (around £19,690 - £20,800)
The British School of Paris¹€26,479 - €27,845 (around £22,620 - £23,790)€27,845 - €30,699 (around £23,790 - £26,230)€32,143 - €33,073 (around £27,460 - £28,260)
IBS of Provence€12,400 or around £10,590€14,300 - €14,990 (around £12,220 - £12,810)

With boarding: €26,250 - €33,300 (around £22,430 - £28,450)

€15,250 - €16,300 (around £13,030 - £13,930)

With boarding: €27,050 - €35,200 (around £23,110 - £30,070)

Here’s another soft reminder that you may need to pay additional fees for lunches, uniforms, textbooks, etc.

While the best private schools have noticeably higher fees, the average cost of private schools in France hovers somewhere around 3,000 to 10,000 euros or 2,565 to 8,550 pounds per year (without boarding costs).²⁶

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Which are the most expensive private schools in France?

Popular elite schools will cost significantly more than the average. The British School of Paris, Ermitage International School and Notre-Dame International High School are among some of the most expensive schools in France, with yearly tuition fees in the €20,000 – €30,000 range (approximately £17,100 – £25,650), excluding boarding.

What is the most luxurious school in France?

It can be hard to give a definitive answer to this question, but the three schools mentioned previously – The British School of Paris, Ermitage International School and Notre-Dame International High School – are strong candidates for the title of the most luxurious school.


How to apply to a private school in France?

The process will vary somewhat between schools. You’ll first have to get in touch with the school by email or a form on their official website. Expect to pay an application fee to cover the often lengthy application process.

You’ll then need to go in for interviews along with your child. Schools will also conduct tests to see the student’s general academic and language skill levels.

Consider contacting the school directly, since many schools will provide guidance on the admissions process.

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What are the admission requirements?

The requirements for admission will be similar in general terms. Popular private schools will have a lot of applicants, so it’s important to showcase your child’s abilities as much as possible. Don’t hold back! Achievements in both academics and extracurriculars will be considered.

Schools will conduct admission tests and interviews with the student as well as the parents. It can be a smart move to hire a tutor to ensure your child has the best chances for success.

Here is an example of the documents you may need to submit when applying to a private school in France:

  • Copy of the applicant's birth certificate
  • Photo of the applicant
  • School reports of previous two academic years
  • A letter of recommendation for the parents
  • A letter of recommendation for the child
  • Standardised test results from the child’s current school

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