11 Essential Apps for Studying Abroad


###The number of people studying abroad is on the rise - and why not?

The opportunities when you study internationally are brilliant. You can learn a new language, meet new people - and sample a new lifestyle.

If you're from the UK, tuition fees have increased up to ‎£9,000 per year, compared to just over ‎£4,200 in Germany and ‎£5,300 in France. English language courses have also increased across Europe. If you want an international career after uni then they’re a great way to get a head start.

Check out our guide on the best European cities for students for more.

Studying overseas is now even easier with these 11 essential apps:


Brits are officially the worst in Europe at learning foreign languages. Yet knowing a second language can boost your salary by 10 to 15%.

Now all you need to get started is your phone.

Duolingo is the most popular language learning app. Its game-like format also makes it incredibly addictive. Simply choose your language and how fast you want to learn.

Download Duolingo for Android or iOS.

####Google Translate

Some things you’ll need to know straight away though, like which aisle the noodles are on. Google Translate lets you type, talk or point your camera for an instant translation.

Now you can even go on a date with someone who doesn’t speak the same language. Simply switch on the two-way instant speech translation. Just don’t offer to cook noodles.

Download Google Translate forAndroid oriOS.


Correctly citing sources used to be a pain for students. This app is a brilliant solution.

Simply scan a book’s barcode and RefME instantly generates the citation, reference list and bibliography. Choose the style of your choice then copy and paste it to your document.

Download RefME for Android or iOS.


You can study anywhere with this great app.

Use it to write down notes, add images and pull in external material. Everything is then easily organised and searchable - including any written notes you photograph. You can then study while riding the metro, sitting in a cafe or sunbathing on the beach.

Just don’t switch to Facebook too often.

You can also swap notes with the new friends you make on your course.

Download Evernote for Android or iOS.


You’re not meant to be on holiday, but it can definitely feel like it. Just make sure you keep track of your finances while you’re having fun.

Mint will help you set a budget and stick to it. It’s an easy and secure app that you connect to your existing bank, credit and loan accounts. All your spending is automatically categorised and you’ll be reminded when bills need paying.

Download Mint for Android or iOS.


You might need to sit down before reading this. BBC iPlayer does not work abroad. Neither does 4OD. In fact, you’ll soon dread the words ‘not available in your country’.

Don’t despair. Netflix is now available everywhere in Europe and you keep the same subscription as you cross borders.

Download Netflix for Android or iOS.

####Spotify Premium

Spotify is the most popular way to stream music across Europe.

Students only pay half price for a premium subscription. You can take it abroad and use it for parties without adverts interrupting. Find local music you’ll love then put it on at your party to really impress your new fellow students.

And once you've listened for a while, the Discover Weekly playlist will tailor some excellent new music for you to enjoy.

Download Spotify for Android or iOS.


Navigating public transport in a new city can be confusing.

Moovit is the world’s leading public transport app and works in a lot of European cities. It gives you up-to-the-minute information on routes and schedules. That’s one less excuse for being late to class.

Download Moovit forAndroid andiOS.


Don’t forget to call home occasionally.

Skype is the easiest way to make video and voice calls while avoiding high charges from your mobile network. Just make sure you teach your parents how to use it before you fly away.

Download Skype for Android or iOS.


Finding cheap flights can make all the difference.

It could be your chance to see a long distance partner, head home for the holidays or attend your friend’s wedding. Alternatively, nudge your friends to fly out and party with you for the weekend.

The Skyscanner app is really good for this. The best deals tend to be found on Tuesday afternoons and seven weeks before departure, according to Skyscanner.

Download Skyscanner for Android or iOS.


Sending or receiving money from abroad? Wise is the fast, fair new way - this is how it works:

Download Transferwise for Android or iOS and start saving!

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