How to get a state pension forecast in the UK

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Want to find out how much state pension you’re on track to receive when you retire? You can do this using a pension forecast.

This is a handy Government service to help UK employees plan their retirement income, and it’s relatively quick and easy to apply.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to check your state pension forecast in the UK, along with anything else you need to know.

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We’ll look at how this works later. But first, let’s focus on how to check your UK pension forecast.

What can I find out using the state pension forecast?

Your pension forecast can tell you lots of useful things about the current state of your retirement pot. For example, you can use the Government’s pension checker service to:

  • Find out how much state pension you’re on track to receive
  • Check when you can retire and get access to your state pension
  • Learn more about your options for staying in work after you reach retirement age
  • Find out how to increase your pension (such as delaying your pension), if applicable
  • Find if you’ll pay tax on your pension when you retire
  • Get contact details to help you locate a lost pension.

How to check your state pension forecast - a step-by-step guide

Ready to get to grips with your retirement finances? Follow these simple steps to put in an application for a state pension forecast:

  1. Head to the UK Government’s State Pension forecast page to complete the online application process.
  2. You’ll need a Government Gateway account, or you can sign in with the GOV.UK Verify service.
  3. Make sure you have your National Insurance number and personal details to hand.
  4. Alternatively, download the BR19 application form, complete it and return by post. You can also contact the Future Pension Centre to apply for your pension forecast.

How long does an application for a state pension forecast take?

Using the Government’s online checker tool is by far the quickest way to get your state pension forecast. If you have all the details to hand, you should be able to see your pension summary and forecast right away.

But if you’d prefer to apply by phone or post, you can expect to receive your forecast within 30 days¹.

If you’re approaching retirement age in less than 30 days, it’s absolutely recommended to use the online service if you can.

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If you’ve lived and worked abroad during your life, you may also be eligible to receive pension income from state or private pensions in other countries.

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It’s simple, secure and could make your retirement pot go much further.

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The Government’s State Pension Forecast checker is pretty straightforward and easy to use, and a good way to get to grips with your projected retirement income. If you’re anywhere near retirement age, logging in and checking your forecast is a must.

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