MEPs vote for fairer finance in Europe

Flora Coleman

Last week, Wise took the Know What You Pay campaign to the streets outside Parliament. We were there to ask them to vote to support a regulation that would dramatically reduce costs for every European who sends and spends money abroad.

We did a lot.

  • We took over Politico’s front page with a cheeky cartoon designed by Belgian political cartoonist, LECTRR.
  • We set up the ‘World’s Most Confusing Souvenir stand’ right outside Parliament to show the problem to MEPs, their assistants and other passersby.
  • Hundreds of campaigners wrote to their policymakers to ask that they support this regulation.

We campaigned hard, and asked MEPs to listen. Not just to some money transfer company, but to the hundreds of thousands of affected Europeans.

And it worked.

On Monday, the Parliament voted overwhelmingly in support of the regulation. Only 3 members opposed.

Now the regulation will go into behind-the-scenes negotiations called ‘trilogues’, where the three EU institutions will debate the final shape of the proposals.

Watch what we got up to here.

If you want to be the first to know about any updates, sign up to our campaigners list, here.

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