Liverpool airport parking: long stay, short stay, cheap, and free parking options

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Have an overseas trip booked? If you’ll be flying from Liverpool John Lennon airport and are planning to drive there, read on.

We’ve put together a handy guide to Liverpool airport parking, including the most convenient and cheapest options. This includes long and short stay parking, costs, security and much more.

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Long stay parking zones in Liverpool airport

If you’d like to leave your car at the airport for your whole trip, you’ll have a few different options. Here’s a quick roundup of all the main Liverpool airport parking long stay zones.

Long Stay Car Park

The Long Stay Car Park is around a 4-5 minute walk from the terminal. It offers 24/7 CCTV surveillance along with other security features, plus Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for easy entry and exit.¹

You could save up to 70% by pre-booking your space, but here are the Gate Rates for drivers turning up on the day:¹

Duration at Long Stay Car ParkCost
Up to 1 day£38
2 days£65
3 days£75
4 days£80
5 days£85
6 days£90
7 days£95
8 days£100
Per day after£10

Fast Track parking

Located right next to the terminal building, the Fast Track car park is less than a minute’s walk under a covered walkway to the check-in desks. It offers 24/7 security and CCTV, large parking spaces and two free Fast Track security passes per booking.²

There’s also the option of Fast Track Family Parking, with extra wide spaces to make it easier to get children in and out of the car.

Pre-booking is essential, with prices around £98 for a week. Bookings are fully flexible, with free amends.³

Meet & Greet

For the most hassle-free way to park at Liverpool airport, you can take advantage of the Meet & Greet service. This is valet-style parking, where you simply drop your car off near the terminal and an expert driver will park it ready for your return. The terminal is just a short walk away.

You’ll need to pre-book, with Liverpool airport parking prices for the Meet & Greet around £70 for a week

Short stay parking in Liverpool airport

For shorter trips or picking up and dropping off passengers, here are your options for short stay parking at Liverpool airport.

Multi-Storey Car Park

The Multi-Storey Car Park is ideal for holidays and business trips of a few days, although you can also use it for just an hour or so. It offers covered parking, 24/7 security, self-park and ANPR for easy entry and exit. It’s located directly opposite the terminal building, just 1-minute walk away.⁴

Pricing is cheaper if you book in advance, but you can also pay on the day. Here are the rates for non-booked Multi-Storey parking:⁴

Duration at Multi-Storey Car ParkCost
Up to 30 mins£6
Up to 1 hour£10
Up to 2 hours£15
Up to 4 hours£25
Up to 24 hours£42
Per day after£42

Express Drop Off & Pick Up

Just dropping off or collecting a family member? You’ll want to head to the Express Drop Off & Pick Up point at Liverpool airport. It’s directly opposite to the terminal, so convenient for both departures and arrivals.

You can’t pre-book spaces in Express Drop Off & Pick Up. If you have a blue badge, you can park for free for up to 40 minutes, otherwise, prices start from £5 for up to 10 minutes:⁵

Duration at Express Drop Off and Pick UpCost
Up to 10 mins£5
Up to 20 mins£10
Up to 1 hour£25
Up to 24 hours£50
Per day after£50

Short Stay Car Park

The Short Stay Car Park at Liverpool airport is directly opposite the terminal building. It offers secure under cover parking for shorter periods, ideal for drop-offs and pick-ups (especially if there’s a delay, and you need to wait).

Short Stay rates are as follows:⁶

Duration at Short Stay Car ParkCost
Up to 1 hour£10
Up to 2 hours£15
Up to 4 hours£25
Up to 24 hours£42
Each day after£42

Drop Off 2

Located 5-10 minutes walk from the terminal, the Drop Off 2 car park offers free parking for up to 40 minutes. This makes it ideal for collecting or dropping off passengers. After this free period, parking costs £8 for up to 1 hour and £10 for up to 2 hours.⁷

Cheap parking options near Liverpool airport

If you’re willing to park outside the airport’s official parking zones and get a shuttle bus to the terminal, you could save money. Here are a couple of options for cheap parking near Liverpool airport:

  • Liverpool Imagine Outdoor Car Parking - a 24/7 secured car park just 300 yards from the terminal. It’s just a 4-minute walk, or you can pay £3 for a shuttle bus. The price to park for a week is around £40.⁸
  • APL Liverpool Airport - located just 2 minutes from the terminal with a free shuttle bus transfer, with 24/7 security. Prices are around £50 for a week.⁹

Free parking spots near Liverpool airport

It can be tricky to find free parking near Liverpool airport, and it’s not recommended to leave your car somewhere non-secure for longer holidays.

However, for shorter trips, you can park for free at Oldgate, an industrial estate in Widnes. This means you won’t be inconveniencing local residents, and there’s even a handy bus service (82A) to take you to the airport in around 20 minutes.¹⁰

After reading this guide, you should have all the info you need to choose the best Liverpool airport parking option for you. Remember that if you’re parking at the airport itself, booking in advance will almost certainly save you money.

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