eToro fees - how much does it cost to trade with eToro?

Remay Villaester (May)

If you’re thinking of using a trading or investing app, one of the first things you’ll need to know is how much it costs.

In this guide, we’ll look at the fees and other costs involved with using eToro - a popular trading platform. We’ll cover eToro fees for deposits and withdrawals, plus any extra charges related to Stocks, ETF, CFDs and crypto asset trading.

Let’s begin with a few essential facts about eToro that you need to know.

eToro in a nutshell

eToro started life back in 2007, but its popular mobile app was only launched in 2012².

The Israeli-based Fintech company specialises in cryptocurrency trading, and even has its own eToro Money wallet app where you can securely buy, transfer and store 120+ cryptocurrencies³.

But you can also use eToro for CFD trading, and investing in Stocks and ETFs with zero commission charges.

The platform has a great virtual trading ‘demo’ mode, where you can practice trades with virtual money to see how your trades would have panned out. This is an excellent feature for beginners. eToro is also known for its ‘social trading’ model, where you can copy the trading portfolio of a high-performing platform user.

eToro is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and prides itself on using industry-leading security technology⁴.

eToro fees

While eToro may proudly boast of zero commission trading, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any fees at all. Here are the main charges you need to know about:

Deposit fee None
Withdrawal fee $5 (approx £3.63) per withdrawal
Currency conversion From 50 Pips (percentage in point, used to measure the change in price between currencies)
Inactivity fee $10 (approx £7.26) a month after 12 months with no login activity

eToro crypto fees

When you trade in crypto assets with eToro, the only trading fees you’ll pay are spreads. These are the difference between the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ price of each asset - it’s commonly used by trading platforms when it comes to charging fees. The spreads on eToro vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency, starting from around 0.75% (for Bitcoin)⁶.

It’s a good idea to check the spread percentage fee of the cryptocurrency you want to trade before going ahead.

eToro CFDs fees

You’ll also pay spread fees when trading CFDs on eToro. These vary depending on what you’re trading, and are priced in percentages or PIPS. A PIP is a ‘percentage in point’ - where one pip is the smallest price change a given exchange can make.

Here are the main CFD spread fees you need to know about:⁷

  • Currencies - from 1 PIP
  • Commodities - from 2 PIPS
  • Indices - from 100 PIPS
  • Cryptocurrencies (CFDs) - from 0.75%
  • Stocks and ETFs (CFDs) - 0.09%

Ready to trade using eToro? Save money with Wise

Before we get started, a really important thing to note about using eToro from the UK. The platform operates in USD only, which means currency conversion fees when topping up and withdrawing from your account in GBP.

You can get round this by Opening a multi-currency account with Wise to withdraw in USD so that you won't have to reconvert your money before withdrawing. You can do this just like a US local, thanks to the US account details you get when you open your Wise account. Simply use these for withdrawals to reduce the conversion costs.

When the money hits your Wise account, you can withdraw, hang onto it for future or spend it using a Wise Multi-currency account.


So, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about eToro fees, including how much it costs to deposit, withdraw and trade. Plus, watch out for that inactive account fee.

Before using eToro or any trading platform, just make sure you understand and are 100% comfortable with the risks involved. Good luck!

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