We asked, the internet answered. Your biggest culture shocks while studying abroad

Anna Allgaier

The internet has all of the answers. Literally all of them. Even if they’re inaccurate. It’s actually a social dilemma that’s had a vastly negative impact on society.

But you aren’t here for a lecture that’d be wholly based on assumptions and clickbait headlines. You’re here to read pearls of wisdom from a trusted source. Our social media followers ❤️

We asked the Wise community to name the biggest culture shocks they faced while studying abroad. And once again their beautiful brains delivered.

Prepare to be enlightened, or to nod your head in solidarity.

Be shocked by our fees (in a good way)

1) My biggest shock was that the earth was not flat

I'm fully aware I’m now at risk of starting some sort of social media debate that’ll lead to me retiring and disconnecting from technology forever. But I’m being brave, just like this person was when they posted this.

We go around the world too, by the way. With access to over 40 currencies across more than 150 countries

2) I moved to Germany for 2 years and the culture shock that I have here is that people like to stare

I’m German, and this is true. We love to stare and we’re very good at it. We don’t even blink. It’s genetic.

My culture has made multiple appearances in this list, and I couldn’t be more proud.

3) Indonesia back in 2010: seeing motorcyclists & learning the true meaning of having 9 lives

This person didn’t get the memo that only cats have 9 lives. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Unless it’s being unaware that some payment providers (not us) and banks sneakily say their transfers are free when they aren’t. Shady.

4) I went to a summer school in Europa Viadrina University in Frankfurt and what was amazing - they had beer in the mess-hall. Culture shock it was!

Also true. There are stereotypes, and there are facts. And beer being the foundation of society in Deutschland is a fact.

PS. Wouldn’t recommend drinking beer in the mess hall and then attending lectures. Just looking out for you.

5) Wifi in Uni in 2006

Back to the future vibes

6) Nothing is free and extravagant prices

Yes, things are never free and prices can be extravagant. But you know what prices aren’t extravagant? Ours. We use the mid-market exchange rate so you don’t get ripped off, we don’t hide any fees, and we’re even trying to make cross border transfers eventually free 😇

7) They speak foreign

They probably thought you spoke foreign too

8) Germans drink beer during the class

Again, this wasn’t me, promise.

Please note, Germans don’t drink beer during class. And if they do, then clearly I went to a very boring university.

If you’d like to prepare and become an ace at ordering beer, here’show to do it around the world. And if you’re doing it in Germany, guess what? You can set up a [Euros balance](Multi currency account) in your Wise account so you can pay like a local. Fabulous.

9) Just the language barrier

Learning a new language can be tough. So once again, I’m bringing the goods. Here’s an article on theeasiest languages to learn vs the hardest.

10) I’ll speak for my daughter who recently completed a semester in Spain (we are Canadian). Our traditional supper around 6 pm was almost nowhere to be found.

Yes, yes and yes. My Spanish friends eat dinner around 10/11 pm. When visiting, I got anxious about getting hungry and ended up eating two dinners a night, for a week. I did not feel well.

My wallet also didn’t feel well. Why, you ask? Because this was years ago and I wasn’t using Wise yet. Shame. On. Me.

Tell me more about the fees and the ease please

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