What is the calling code for Mexico? How to call Mexico

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Mexico graced with its temporate climate, beautiful beaches, cities and towns that are full of culture.Whether you’re going for business or pleasure, make sure to familiarise yourself with how to use the local phone system in your new destination. This guide can help you figure out how to call your friends, family or even hotels or taxis in Mexico.

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How do I call Mexico?

Country codes are only necessary when calling telephone numbers in other countries. These are dialled before the telephone number with the international dialling prefix (or the + symbol) in the country from which the call is placed. For example, if you are calling from the US to Mexico, the US international dialling prefix is 011, so the US caller would dial 011, then the Mexico country code, and then the phone number.

When dialling into Mexico, the international country code is:

  • +52

Are there other codes in Mexico I need to be aware of?

When you’re calling a particular region or city in Mexico, there will be affiliated local area codes after the international calling code. You should also be aware of the following codes:

  • 00 is Mexico’s international dialling-out prefix, to be used if calling from within Mexico to another country
  • 01 is used to reach different regions within Mexico
  • 02 is used to call a domestic operator in Mexico
  • 044 is used to call a local cell phone from a landline
  • 045 is used to call a cell phone in a different region of Mexico from a landline

Most common dialling codes in Mexico

Mexican phone numbers consist of ten digits with area codes that are either 2 digits (Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara) or 3 digits. Below are some of the more commonly used area codes for major Mexican cities or destinations:

AreaLocal Area Code in Mexico
Mexico City55
Ciudad Juárez656

An example of a Mexican phone number

Mexican phone numbers are ten digits total, with area codes that are either two or three digits

long. For example:

  • +52 - (area code) – (phone number)
  • +52-XX-XXXX-XXXX or +52-XXX-XXX-XXXX

Below is an example of what a Mexican phone number looks like if you were to call it from various countries:

If you’re calling +52 55 1234 5678 from the US or Canada, you would dial 011 52 55 1234 5678.

If you’re calling +52 55 1234 5678 from the UK or Europe, you would dial 00 52 55 1234 5678.

Why did my call to Mexico not work?

Sometimes a call may not go through for a variety of common reasons, including:

  • You have the incorrect international dialling prefix for the country that you’re calling from to reach Mexico
  • Are you using a VoIP or Internet phone provider? Many of these providers allow international calling without the dialling prefix (i.e. 011 or 00)
  • Some phone service providers can allow international calls to be blocked. Make sure your provider isn’t blocking your call by mistake

If you’re still having trouble connecting overseas or are you concerned that your international rates are simply too costly, there are other options. You might want to look into free or inexpensive calling options like Skype, Viber, or Whatsapp, especially if you’ll have frequent access to wifi.

Do phone numbers in Mexico usually have voicemail boxes?

It’s common for Mexican phone numbers to have voicemail boxes. They’re usually personalised, but if the account holder chooses not to set up a personal box, there should be a default setting for the phone.

What does the ringing tone sound like when you call Mexico?

Depending upon where you’re calling from, the ringtone of a phone call to Mexico may sound slightly different. Typically a call to Mexico from another country will sound like a single, low-pitched ‘beep’ tone.

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Whether you’re travelling abroad for work or fun, it’s smart to learn the local customs and logistics of the country. Phones can be tough to deal with, but you’ll be fine if you safeguard these tips about calling to and from Mexico.

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