Best apps while studying in the Netherlands


Louisa Wenderoth, studying at The University of Amsterdam

Since moving to Amsterdam, I’ve noticed how much more I use my phone. Whether it’s for getting around on public transport, finding the closest café or managing student life, there is an app for literally anything.
While I’m conscious not to overuse my phone, there are some apps that make life a whole lot easier, especially when moving abroad.

##Social life

####Party with a local
If you start to feel a bit sick of overpriced tourist clubs, check out party with a local. As soon as your profile is created, you can search for events and join the local party scene. One of the more authentic ways to get to know a city and a great opportunity to make friends if you’re new in town.

####VakantieVeilingen (Holiday Auction)
If you feel like giving yourself a little treat now and then, this app offers loads of great deals on travelling, food and wellness in the Netherlands. You have to be quick though as the deals are only offered for a short time, but their prices are unbeatable.

This app connects with your Spotify, apster or YouTube account and helps you to keep track of your favourite artists coming to town. Once you have followed an artist, you’ll always be updated on their gigs nearby.


##Transport /
These are the two essential apps for public transport in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands. They include trains, metros, trams and busses. Both are in Dutch but easy to handle. Make sure you download them before coming here.

####Google maps
As obvious as it seems, I would have been completely screwed several times without having google maps to hand while cycling around. Don’t get too distracted though, there are a lot of bikes on Amsterdam’s streets.


##Student life

If you are living in shared accommodation, this app is the perfect tool to even everyone’s monthly expenses. After logging in, you can add a new address and list every person's spending. The app also tells you who owes what to who until everybody is even. This is also great way to organise expenses for parties or a dinner with friends.

There is no student who has not come across the long-winded task of referencing. RefMe allows you to scan or type in your sources and references them according to the style your university uses. A real time saver!

####Kitchen Stories
My all-time favourite cooking app. Whatever recipe you are searching for, you’ll find it on Kitchen Stories. Next to that, it is a great way to get inspired to try out new and exotic dishes. Nearly all recipes include videos with step-by-step guides, making cooking that bit easier.
I’ve found this app super handy for controlling my expenses and managing money as it shows exactly what I’ve spent my monthly budget on.


This is just a small selection of the apps I’m using frequently to make my experience abroad that bit easier and exciting. There is much more to be explored!

Louisa Wenderoth is a German student, studying at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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