The best apps for travel planning

Anna Allgaier

Hello people of the world. It’s me. Here to improve your international life.

At Wise, since we’re all about being global and all that jazz, we get 90 days a year where we can work anywhere we want in the world. (Fabulous, I know. You can apply here. I spent my three months in South Africa, munching on Biltong and annoying colleagues on zoom calls with my schadenfreude tan.

My point is, we live in a world now where travel is easier than ever, work is more accommodating than ever and lord knows after the pandemic that shall not be named, we all want to take advantage of the above.

So to help you achieve your full jet set potential, I’ve put together a list of the best apps for travel planning amongst other handle tools. Because I’m feeling generous.

Pay for that flight baby

Best apps for travel planning✈️

Hey, you. Stop packing your suitcase. You don’t even know where you’re going yet silly. Here are the best apps for travel planning out there:


Fill up that itinerary, and book your flights and stay withKayak, a travel search engine that goes through hundreds of other travel sites all at once to get you the best info and the cheapest rates.

The Points Guy

Get the most out of your money with The Points Guy . He’ll show you how to travel the world using all those points and miles that add up. Shoutout to all my covid e-tickets.

Una Travel Planner

Grab planning by the horns with the Una Travel Planner. Look through recommendations, find places to get nibbles and figure out where to stay so you can legit walk as few steps as possible when hitting up all your pinned spots.


Optimise your travelling with Wandry’sglobal data. Wandry brings “peace of mind to travellers worldwide by keeping them healthy and safe” through pulling together destination and travel data from multiple sources.

Packing Pro

Leave nothing behind with Packing Pro. Pretty self explanatory. It helps you pack, with a nice little check list.

The best map apps for travel🌍

We’ve all been using smartphones for far too long, our sense of direction is gone. Here are some maps to help you.


Use Welcometo visually explore and map out your trip anywhere. Imagine if TikTok and Google Maps had a baby. This is it. Welcome allows you to watch videos of places around the world and then simulate them on a lovely little map.


Keep up to date with travel, traffic and road trip planning using Waze. The free GPS tool grabs real-time traffic updates, police traps, construction info, speedcams and even has some fun little social and geo-gaming elements. What a hoot.


Go for a hike with Komoot. Komoot helps you plan trails for hiking, biking, dirt tracking. All of it. Not for me, but you go ahead.


Find your way around cities with Citymapper, a tool that shows you the quickest way to get around whether you’re walking, using public transport or hopping in a taxi.

Find the best coworking spaces worldwide💻

If you can't be trusted to work by the swimming pool, then find yourself an office abroad with these handy tools.

Find a space with Check out reviews, browse some pics and compare prices.

Global Coworking Map

Take a look at the Global Coworking Map for inspiration. Search based on location, and even see how many chairs are available at spaces worldwide. Sick.

The best international dating apps❤️

Guess what? We already did an article on this that you can read here, because of course we have.

Oh, and if you’re looking to flirt in a different language while you’re away, we’ve naturally covered that too. You can’t judge us, you’re the one reading this.

The best international communication apps📞

Yes, these may be obvious, to make it less obvious I won't mention Zoom. Here you go. I tried.


You know what this is. Encrypted,everybody has it, loves it. Cool


Similar to WhatsApp, used to be a big thing, maybe still a big thing, good for calls.


Also encrypted, makes you look a bit more edgy and tech-savvy.

Best apps for international money transfer🙃

I mean, what did you expect? You should be proud of me for only plugging us at the end of the article.

Use us. We’re great. Find out more here.

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