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Louisa Wenderoth, studying at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Good food makes everyone happy. The Netherlands isn’t particularly well known for its delicate cuisine, so my expectations of Amsterdam’s restaurants were not high. However, now I’ve been here a term, there have certainly been some culinary highlights.

Prepare to get hungry.

As a student, going out for dinner is not a regular occurrence. Unfortunately high prices in Amsterdam prevent me eating out too often, but I’ve managed to discover some great places at an affordable price.

What do you need after a long exhausting day at uni? Pizza, of course.

In Diemen, not too far from the centre, you can find the pizzeria Ciao. They serve great Italian pizzas and big fresh salads for around 10 euros.


If pizza isn’t your thing, I recommend the Indonesian take away Bogor Permai, located on the street just parallel. For just 13 euros, they offer a big takeaway box for two. This will keep you both full for a long time, I promise.

When I’m in the mood for a laid back surrounding, I visit De Engelbewaarder. Just a short walk away from the Nieuwmarkt, it’s the perfect location for students. The prices are a bit higher but still reasonable. Their continental menu includes tasty burgers and traditional Dutch snacks like ‘Bitterballen’ and ‘Kaasroltjes’.

Both can be enjoyed with a beer from their considerable selection. Being helpfully located close to my lecture hall has ensured the upkeep of my beer and snacks consumption over the past few weeks…


If you’re feeling fancy, a more upmarket dinner can be enjoyed at the Bazar in de Peijp, especially good for large groups. I ate there with my friends as a post-exam celebration, getting a great stew for 10 euros. They serve North African cuisine; perfect for sharing and everything was so tasty. It’s a big, busy place with a great atmosphere and the staff are lovely.

One of the funniest experiences eating out was definitely with my mum

We wanted to celebrate her visit with a nice dinner and chose Brasserie Ambassade.

Financially, this wouldn’t be an option for me but luckily mum was there to help out. They serve a surprise menu for 40 euros per person which includes three courses, wine and coffee. The food was absolutely amazing, made even better as we ate while enjoying views of the Herengracht in the centre of Amsterdam. The fact that the lovely staff provided us with much more wine than the offer provided only enhancing this great evening.

When we left, they even gave us an umbrella for the way back.

Too hungry to wait until dinner? Here are my lunch tips.

As a German, I cannot live without my falafel sandwich and Turkish pizza. Both you can purchase at Gazi Oglu, where I consider myself an established regular since discovering their delicious Turkish pizza for just 2 euros. Gazi Oglu is located in the east of the centre, right next to the Oosterpark.


Finally, I recommend you visit Coffee & Coconuts in de Peijp, where I had the best ever beetroot burger. Unfortunately, the taste was short-lived due to its tiny size, but it’s a nice place to grab a snack for lunch or have a coffee with a friend if you don’t mind spending a bit more.

In hindsight, my prejudice towards Dutch restaurants was not justified, but Amsterdam’s still fairly expensive. In the centre, the price does not always reflect the quality so try to avoid the big tourist hubs.

It’s taken some time, but I’ve managed to seek out some great finds for foodies.

*Louisa is in her first year studying Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

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