7 weird jobs that exist around the world

Anna Allgaier

Sometimes, I sit at my desk, and just think, was this what I was put on this earth for? Slavinggggg away over my Macbook, squishing into a sweaty bus every morning to get to the office? No, no it isn’t. (Just kidding Wise, I love my job, please don’t fire me.) Anyway, if you aren’t lucky enough to love your job (humble brag) and feel like you’re destined for more than basic, you’re destined for weird, wonderful, WOW. Then I’m here to help you embrace your niche talents and get cash in return.

Here are some of the weirdest jobs that have made their way across the globe.

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1) Work at Wise

Yes, look at me, shamelessly plugging the company I work at. What you gonna do about it? Thought so. Graze your lovely eyes over our careers page here.

2) Push people into a subway in Japan

Alright, so you’ll probably be really good at this job if you just totally crush tetris, hate people and have always wanted to have a legal excuse to be a bit violent, or just are really passionate about public transport efficiency. Because Japan just loves hard workers, their trains get filled to the brim, and to ensure everyone gets to work on time, subway pushers are employed to give people the shove they need. I recommend not doing this anywhere else in the world. You will be hit, or arrested.

3) Pop “Swan Marker” on your CV in the UK

Personally, I am terrified of swans. But that relates back to some childhood trauma that involved me trying to make an animal friend and being very surprised that the affection was not returned. Not bitter. Anyway, the Queen’s Swan Marker is best known for the Swan Upping event that takes place in July. Swan Upping is where the Swan Marker rows down the river Thames and checks on all of Lizzy’s swans' health, while also marking them with a ring. The Swan Marker also goes around the UK checking on the other swans, teaches boating and fishing organisations how to work with wildlife and takes all of the swans off the Thames when a rowing regatta takes place.

4) Massage babies in Germany

Germany is a really great, affordable place to pop out an ickle one. The government is also incredibly supportive, so naturally, the country’s capital has been hit with a lot of hipsters having babies. In Berlin, your little one can go for a massage, take up yoga and hit up a swimming course, and the government will even pick up the bill. So if you want to bring joy to lives of humans that will not even remember they did this, learn some German and hop on a plane

5) Taste dog food around the world

Look, one man's salt is another man's sugar. And if dog food is your sugar, here you go. You’d think that dog food companies would have to beg people to fill this position, but you’d be wrong. You actually need a doctoral degree. You’ll need to be a researcher too. The pet food needs to be valued nutritionally, it has to have reports written up on it, and it has to be tasted. Why? Because it turns out dogs are picky eaters too.

6) Be a Lego Master Model Builder

Legoland’s massive installations don't build themselves. The company employs Master Model Builder’s to put these plastic masterpieces together at their theme parks across the world. But that’s not all, as a Master Builder you’ll also fix and clean all park installations, get interviewed by the media and host virtual building classes and social media tutorials.

7) Fortune cookie writer…anywhere?

I’m not sure where in the world you can do this, but you can do this. I could’ve found out, but the truth of it is, I couldn’t be bothered. I’m writing this on a Sunday, and I want to go for brunch.

Who wouldn’t want to predict someone's future after they’ve had a chicken chow mein? You’ll have to be able to fit loads of interpretive meaning into a small amount of text, push out some wise expressions, inspire with quotes and mentally hold on to the fact that you are potentially going to fill people with either joy or dread.

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