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What started as a few drinks down the pub has become epic holidays abroad
with matching fits and pricey hotel stays. The modern stag and hen do require that your
linen shorts have very, very deep pockets. Luckily, Joe's here to show how you can
save some money and still have an unforgettable getaway.

Before you join the group chat

Be realistic. It’s really easy to get carried away once you’re signed up. And we get it, going away with your mates is a guaranteed good time. It’s also guaranteed to cost you a fair whack of money. The average cost — per person — can be up to £1500 for a do abroad.

Set some limits on what you’re willing to spend. If it means you have to miss out on one or two pre-planned activities then that’s cool. If they’re really your mates they’ll understand.
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How do the costs stack up

That depends on how you identify — different ages tend to celebrate differently, with 35 – 44 year olds likely to spend the most. Here’s a closer look at how it breaks down.
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You could save money — Get Wise

There you have it — whatever age you are all this stuff costs. You could save yourself money just by using a Wise card to spend abroad or by paying in advance for accommodation in the local currency. Wise uses the same exchange rate you’ll usually find on Google and never charges hidden fees. It’s a win win.
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Get your passport out

Over the years some destinations have become the go-to places to prenuptial party. Think Amsterdam, Paris, Prague…but we reckon — and highly recommend — you to consider something a bit different. Barcelona, Berlin, Santorini, Rome and Lake Como offer beautiful scenery, cool nightlife and plenty of culture for even the most discerning do-goers. Here’s what a typical trip in each will set you back.
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The struggle is real

10 headaches of organising a stag or hen party
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Trust Joe

To help anyone struggling to organise a stag or hen this summer, we've partnered with Joe Thomas to solve all of your stag / hen dilemmas and give you a definitive guide to a cultured stag / hen, without having to break the bank.

If you are travelling to a stag or hen abroad this summer, use Wise. We give you the exchange rate you see on Google and charge only a clear, transparent fee, so that you can keep your cash for the fun things you actually want to spend money on.
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