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The green masala roast and savoy cabbage, mushroom and lentil roast make excellent festive centrepieces - something to impress the harshest, most critical in-law. Meanwhile, the cranberry and pea leftover green pulao and frittata topped with crispy sage and zhoug are Boxing Day showstoppers. The pistachio cheesecake? Reader, I’ve had a slice for breakfast.

Mallika Basu, a chef without borders

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Mallika was dispatched to England for her undergraduate degree by her family, with just the recipe for one chicken curry and one dal. Having started university unable to boil an egg, Mallika left both with a Master’s degree and a new confidence in the kitchen. This confidence grew as Mallika entered the corporate world, where she balanced her job with time spent cooking new dishes and blogging about them. Fast forward some years, and Mallika is now a chef known for her international outlook with two published cookbooks. Mallika’s cooking is still often rooted in Indian flavours, but she’ll bring in spices and techniques from around the globe to the table. At Christmas, all this comes to the table as old school ‘traditional’ favourites mix with international flavours.

Mallika lives an international life, too. Based in London, Mallika still has strong roots overseas. With Wise, Mallika sends, spends and manages her international money - most notably paying her pilates instructor in Mumbai, who teaches via Zoom.

Mallika Basu

Wise, money without borders

If you’re one of those transferring money or travelling overseas this Christmas, then we’ve got a suggestion.

With the Wise Account, you can send, spend and manage 40 currencies - 60% of transfers are instant (within 20 seconds), while the average price of our transfers is just 0.67%. We’ll never hide our fee in the exchange rate. We provide you with the mid-market rate (the one on Google), and all fees are transparent.

After all, hidden fees are about as welcome as coal in a stocking.

The Wise account and debit card