How to delete your PayPal account in 5 easy steps

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PayPal offers a lot of great services, but sometimes businesses and customers must part ways. If you’d like to know how to close your PayPal account, look no more – this guide will show you how in 5 easy steps.

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How to close a PayPal account: step by step

Firstly, there are a few important steps you need to take before you can close your PayPal account. You can’t close your PayPal account if there’s any balance in it, or if there are any unresolved issues with the account, for example.

To help you close your PayPal account smoothly we’ve put together a checklist of actions to take — coming up in just a moment.

Once you’ve completed the checklist items, the closing process take just a few steps:

Step 1. Log in to your account

Step 2. Open the ‘Settings’ menu by clicking the icon near ‘Log out’

Step 3. Under ‘Account options’, click the ‘Close your account’ link

Step 4. Click the ‘Close account’ button.

⚠️ Remember: by deleting your PayPal account, you’ll lose all transaction history, discounts or redemption codes, and unpaid money requests will be automatically canceled

How to delete your PayPal account from the app?

Close your PayPal account from the PayPal app in just a couple of steps:

  • Open the PayPal app
  • Tap your profile icon
  • Tap ‘Close your account’

How to delete a PayPal account without logging in?

For security, it’s not possible to delete a PayPal account without logging in as it could be possible for anyone to delete the account without verification.

Before deleting your PayPal account

The process of closing your account is easy, but there are some things to do before closing the account.

Copy your transaction history

Once you permanently delete the account, there’s no recovery process. It’s gone forever.

You have the option to use the same or another email address to open different accounts, but all data from the original account is lost. It’s a good idea to make a copy of your transaction history to keep for your records.

Transfer your PayPal balance

If you’re closing your account, you have to hold zero PayPal balance. Transfer the money in your account to either another PayPal account or transfer it to your bank account — you can also request a paper check for a $1.50 charge².

If you’re not pressed for time it’s free to withdraw funds to your linked bank account with a standard withdrawal. Otherwise you’ll need to choose an instant withdrawal which costs 1.75% of the withdrawn amount.

Another option is to spend your remaining money. You can make purchases online or donate it to any charity that accepts PayPal.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget PayPal also charges pretty steep currency conversion fees, in the range of 3% - 4%. If your balance is in a currency other than USD you’ll need to pay this fee when you convert it for withdrawal.

Pay off the account and/or resolve issues

If you have any pending payments or unresolved issues on the account, you won’t be able to close it.

Double check your account is in good standing before you try to shut PayPal down, by logging in and looking at the Resolution Center. To resolve issues, you may need to contact customer service.

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How to close PayPal account: FAQs

Still got questions? Here are some common issues people face when trying to close a PayPal account — and how to resolve them.

Can I delete my PayPal account and start again?

Once you close the account, you cannot reopen it. However, it is possible to open an entirely new and completely separate account with the same email address.

What happens when I close my PayPal account?

Again, all transaction history and data from the original account will be deleted, and you will not be able to recover or access it.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You have the option to create a brand-new PayPal account with the same email address—as noted—but the previous account is wiped from existence.

Why can't I close my PayPal account?

You won’t be able to close a PayPal account which has a balance, or any account limitations or unresolved issues.

If you’re not able to close your PayPal account use our checklist to work through all the possible issues first — and if all else fails, get in touch with PayPal’s customer service team to ask for support.

How do I delete my PayPal history?

When you close your PayPal account all your transaction history is automatically deleted. You can then open a new account with your email address if you need to.


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