From Rhein to Roster: Two Europeans Making it in the NFL


###Moritz Boehringer and Anthony Dable are two of the most eye-catching and intriguing rookies in this year’s NFL

Both wide receivers with impressive measurables, Moritz is a German with dazzling pace who was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, Anthony a serial championship winner in Europe who’s been snapped up by the New York Giants.

They’ve made it this far: now they need to battle it through training camp to try and make the roster.

####Bringing you "Touching Down" - the video series
We are bringing you a weekly video series following the lives of these two rookies while they try to make it in the biggest league of them all, the NFL.

We will follow the players behind the scenes as they uproot their lives from Europe and try to adjust to the US and fight through training camp for a place in the 53 man roster come September.

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####Moritz: record-breaking German phenomenon
Moritz has already made his mark on NFL history. He became the first European player ever to be drafted in the NFL without playing college football after taking the Florida Pro Day by storm - stunning everyone by running a scorching 40yds even at 6’4” and 240lbs. An unknown quantity when he arrived, he was propelled into the spotlight. Find out how Moritz made it this far.


####Anthony: serial European champion heading for the Giants
Anthony, meanwhile, is already a serial championship winner with real pedigree in Europe. Playing in the German National League, he won two national titles and a European championship with the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions last year. He got picked up by the New Yorker Lions and is trying to become the first French NFL player in a quarter of a century. Find out more here.


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