Does Discover card work in India?

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If you’re about to head off to India for vacation, to visit family or for work, you might be wondering: can I use a Discover card in India? Or, maybe you want to use your Discover card to buy something from an Indian ecommerce store.

This Discover card India guide is for you. We’ll cover all you need to know, and also introduce the Wise account and card for a cheaper way to spend internationally.

Read on for more about using Discover cards in India — you can also check out this full guide to using your Discover card abroad for more.

Can I use my Discover card in India?

You can use your Discover card in India anywhere you see the Discover or Diners Club logos displayed¹. Some merchants may not display these logos — but can still accept Discover card payments.

That means it’s worth checking with the merchant before you purchase, or presenting your Discover card at the point of payment even if you don’t see the logos.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Discover card acceptance is typically lower outside of North America — so you won’t be able to rely on your card everywhere you travel. Having additional means of payment is essential — Visa and Mastercard networked cards are more commonly accepted, and can be a handy addition when you travel.

💡 If you pick a specific travel card — like the Wise card you might also find you save on currency conversion costs and fees

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Do Discover cards work in Indian ATMs?

As well as paying in stores and restaurants, you can also use your Discover card in India to get cash out of ATMs at the following locations:

  • Citibank
  • RuPay (NPCI)
  • HDFC Bank

Does a US Discover card work for e-commerce purchases in India?

A US issued Discover card should work with merchants which display the Discover or Diners Club logos on their websites.

However, not all Indian ecommerce sites will allow purchases with Discover, and some smaller retailers may struggle to process foreign card payments at all. Check with the merchant directly before you shop.

Fees for using Discover card in India

Discover doesn’t add a foreign transaction fee when you shop internationally. That’s great news, as many card companies sneak in a 3% fee for all foreign purchases.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s free to use Discover overseas. Some costs you might run into include:

  • Markups added to the Discover exchange rate

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion costs when you choose to pay in dollars outside of the US

  • ATM charges when making a withdrawal

  • Cash advance charges for ATM withdrawals

  • Credit interest or penalty fees if you don’t clear your bills quickly

Learn more about the Discover card foreign transaction fees

Spend like a local wherever you are with the Wise card

Wise card

For a travel card that’s more widely accepted — and that can save you money when you spend abroad, check out the Wise card.

Open your Wise account online for free, and get your card for a low one time fee of 9USD. You’ll be able to top up your account in dollars and switch to the currencies you need whenever you like, online or in the Wise app.

If you don’t have the currency you need for your purchase the Wise card’s smart auto convert feature will switch to the balance you need with the lowest possible fee — easy.

Wise accounts can hold 40+ currencies, with all currency conversion using the mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees.

That could mean you save compared to using other providers when you’re abroad.

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How to use my Discover card in India

  • Inform Discover of your travel plans in advance to make sure your card isn’t blocked

  • Look for the the Discover or Diners Club logos in merchants or on websites

  • Always pay in the local currency to avoid extra charges

  • Have a second card on a different network — and carry cash for when card payments aren’t an option

  • ATM operators may add extra fees — look out for on screen notices when you make your withdrawal so there are no surprises

  • Make sure your contact details are up to date with Discover, so they can get in touch if there’s any problem while you’re away

  • Check out Discover’s process for reporting a lost card before you travel — just incase 

The Discover card is a good pick for travel because there’s no foreign transaction fee to pay.

However, that doesn’t mean using your Discover card is free. Discover also isn’t always accepted abroad, which makes it essential to carry secondary means of payment wherever you are.

Take a look at the Wise card as a great option to help you hold and exchange 40+ currencies and spend all over the world with low fees and the mid-market exchange rate. Wise can also help you send money to India in just a few clicks.


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Sources checked on 07.21.2022

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