Irish shoppers' dilemma: Does Target deliver to Ireland?

Gabrielle Figueiredo

Ever seen some online advertising or a social media clip on a product from Target in the US and thought to yourself, I want that! The question is, how to get it?

We’re going to let you know if it’s possible to buy from Target while in Ireland and what some of the local alternatives are. We’ll also let you know how the Wise card can be a cost effective solution for you to pay in US dollars.

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Is there a Target in Ireland?

Unfortunately, there’s no Target in Ireland. Target’s retail stores are completely based in the United States where they have 1,956 outlets.¹

There’s also a Target in Australia with similar branding, but they’re a different company that only operates in Australia.

Does Target ship to Ireland?


Target doesn't ship to Ireland. ❌ While Target used to deliver internationally through Borderfree, they stopped doing this a few years ago. Now you can only order to a US based address or pick up locations.²

Target also won’t ship to an international freight forwarder or addresses outside the US, so you can’t use this as a means to get around their shipping policy and get your order delivered to Ireland.

Wise card: Buy online in US dollars


While Target doesn’t offer delivery to Ireland, there are other US based retailers that may do, including Amazon US, eBay, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

When buying from an online retailer, it can be better to pay in the local currency rather than relying on them to convert their prices to euros. For American retailers this means paying in US dollars. That might sound daunting, but you can easily do it with Wise.

With a Wise Account you can hold and convert money in over 40 currencies and spend in more than 150 countries. For any conversions between EUR and USD, for example, Wise will use the mid-market rate, with a small variable conversion fee.

After opening your account, you can order a Wise card and/or create a virtual card, which is extremely useful for online shopping. That’s because you can delete and generate them online, and the card number is different from the physical card.

When you use your Wise card to shop online there are no foreign transaction fees if you have USD in your account, because Wise will use that to complete the payment. If not, smart technology automatically converts your other currencies to USD to complete the payment.


Wise also offers other services if you need to manage USD:

  • You send money to the US with Wise as an alternative to your Irish bank
  • You can receive USD for free (non-Swift transfers) by getting access to local account details. This will allow you to receive payments like a local.

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Is there a Target equivalent in Ireland?

With Target out of the question you may want to look a little closer to home to find the products you’re after.

Here’s some of the stores in Ireland that are similar to Target in both the products they stock and/or the price point:

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Sources checked on: 8th May 2024

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