Rare Beauty in Ireland: Your guide to shipping options

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Founded by Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty is a makeup brand that sells a range of beauty products. If you’ve spotted something that you’d like to try then the next step is figuring out how to get your hands on it.

In this article we’ll tell you how to ship Rare Beauty products to your home in Ireland, as well as which brick and mortar stores carry the product range.

We’ll also introduce you to a clever card option that’s handy for online shopping, the Wise card.

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Does Rare Beauty ship to Ireland?


Yes, you can have Rare Beauty products shipped to Ireland directly from their US website, as well as from the Sephora UK and Space NK.

Shipping from Rare Beauty

When you shop on the Rare Beauty website you can ship your order internationally from the US to Ireland.

How long Rare Beauty takes to ship varies depending on whether you choose Standard or Express shipping.³

Rare Beauty delivery to Ireland Estimated timeframe
Standard delivery 11-13 business days
Express delivery 7-9 business days

🔎 You’ll see the shipping costs during the checkout process but it’s good to keep in mind that International Rare Beauty orders valued over $100 USD qualify for free Standard shipping.⁴

Shipping from Sephora UK

Sephora is a Rare Beauty stockist so you can order products for delivery to Ireland from their UK store. How much it costs depends on the value of your order and how quickly you’d like it to arrive.⁵

Sephora UK delivery to Ireland
Amount spent Tracked Delivery

(3-10 business days)

Express delivery

(1-3 business days)

Orders valued under €40.00 €5.99 €30.00
Orders valued over €40.00 Free €30.00
Orders valued over €95.00 Free €24.00

💡 Adding to this, Sephora UK isn’t your only option when it comes to getting Sephora deliveries to Ireland.

Shipping from Space NK

If you can’t visit the Space NK stores in Dublin, or just don’t feel like it, you can always have an order delivered by purchasing Rare Beauty through the Space NK online store. This is what their delivery looks like⁶:

Space NK delivery to Ireland
Amount spent Tracked Delivery

(2-5 business days)

Express delivery

(1-2 business days)

Orders valued under €50.00 €5.00 €9.00
Orders valued over €50.00 Free €9.00
Orders valued over


Free Free

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Is Rare Beauty in Ireland?


Rare Beauty doesn’t have any stores of its own in Ireland. However, the brand relies on a network of partners to put its products into physical locations.

In Ireland you can find Rare Beauty at Space NK, which currently has two stores in Dublin¹:

Space NK Dundrum Level One of Dundrum Town Centre Sandyford Road, Dublin
Space NK Grafton Street 82 Grafton Street, Dublin

Countries Rare Beauty is located in

Looking outside of Ireland, you can find Rare Beauty at Sephora or at a partner store that stocks Sephora’s range.

These are the countries where you can go to a brick and mortar store to see the products in person, as well as shop online, according to the Rare Beauty website²:

North America United States, Canada, Mexico
Europe Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom
Middle Easy Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
Asia Pacific Australia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand

Russia and the Philippines also have Rare Beauty but the products are only available online.

Can you buy Rare Beauty at Boots Ireland?

Unfortunately, at the moment Rare Beauty products are not available from Boots in Ireland. Don’t worry though, you have other options.

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