Can you get Skims in Ireland? Exploring delivery options

Gabrielle Figueiredo

Want to get yourself some shapewear from Kim Kardashian's Skims range but not sure how to get it in Ireland? Look no further!

In this article we’re going to give you the full lowdown including whether Skims delivers to Ireland, who here carries the brand and a smart way to pay for online purchases using the Wise virtual card.

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Do Skims deliver to Ireland?


Yes. If you want to shop and buy directly from the Skims website you can do that quite easily since they offer delivery to Ireland.¹

What it costs and how long it’ll take depends on the shipping option you choose and the value of your order.

Skims shipping Fees¹
Standard delivery 10-16 business days €10.00
Express delivery 7-10 business days €15.00 or free on orders worth €85.00+
Prepaid express returns €15.00

Does Skims charge customs to Ireland?

For Irish customers Skims does charge customs duties but you don’t need to pay it separately.

Instead, when you order from the Skims online store for delivery to one of the following locations, the prices you see on the website are inclusive of import duties and taxes¹:

  • European Union
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

This means that includes Ireland under the collective grouping of the EU.

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Shop online safely with the Wise virtual card


If you haven’t heard of Wise before, it’s a payment institution that also offers the Wise Account. With a Wise Account you can send, receive, hold and spend money in multiple currencies, including EUR, GBP and USD.

By opening your account, you can order a physical Wise card and have access to the Wise virtual card too.


There are many reasons why a Wise virtual card is great for online shopping:

  • You can create and have 3 virtual cards at any one time for free
  • Spend in 150 countries
  • Your physical card details are safe because each virtual card generated has different numbers
  • Freeze and delete cards online through the Wise app or website
  • Add the virtual card to subscriptions and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, rather than your physical card.

For Skims, you can change the region to Ireland which also changes the currency to EUR, but not all online retailers do this. What if you want to buy something from a store in the UK or US that only changes in local currency?

Well, with the Wise, it’s not a big deal if the currency isn’t in Euros. You can use the Wise virtual card to pay for international purchases in 40+ currencies.

If you don’t have the right currency in your account it’s no problem, Wise uses smart technology to automatically convert another currency balance using the mid-market rate (the one you normally see on Google) to complete the transaction.

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Can you buy Skims in Ireland?

As well as selling Skims through their own website the brand has a network of global partners including Nordstrom and Harrods. If you’d like to buy Skims from a store in Ireland you can go to Brown Thomas.²

Brown Thomas have the Skims range available through their online store as well as at their physical location in Dublin.

Brown Thomas Dublin: 88-95 Grafton Street, Dublin D02 VF65

Keep in mind that all collections or pieces may not be available at the Dublin store so it’s worth checking online before you make the trip. On the Brown Thomas website you just need to go to the Skims collection, find the piece you want and choose the option to “Check Stock In-Store”. You can also order it online through their webstore.

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Sources checked on: 22nd May 2024

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