Where to get essential items in Moldova


This guide will help you track down all the basic items you may need once you get to Moldova. The country is accepting Ukrainians seeking refuge from the war and has even offered jobs to refugees.

The most common border crossing point is from the town of Mamalyha in Ukraine to Criva in Moldova.

There is also a list of important addresses and contact numbers for Ukrainians in Moldova that you may find useful.

If you need to buy some basic items, you can read this guide to find places to buy food, medicine, clothing, transport tickets, mobile services, and accommodation in Moldova.

The links provided will take you to Google Maps locations, mostly close to the border town of Criva.


In Moldova, some of the most popular supermarkets are:

Given the smaller size of the country, many of the supermarkets are located in the big cities, like Balti.


In Moldova, the national language is Romanian. The word for pharmacy in Romanian is ‘farmacie’. You can find a lot of medicine over-the-counter(OTC) in Moldova, including some medicines which require a prescription in other countries.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova will provide all refugees with free-of-charge vaccination against COVID-19 and other vaccine-preventable diseases, as well as free access to health care

Here are a few pharmacies you’ll find in the country:

The closest pharmacies to Criva are in the nearby town of Lipcani. There are 24/7 pharmacies in the country, including some in the town of Chisinau.

Hygiene products

In Moldova, you can find hygiene products in most supermarkets and pharmacies.


There are various clothing stores in Moldova where you can pick up the essentials, including the following shops:

Most large clothing stores are located in the big cities, with Balti being the closest to the border down of Criva.

For second-hand clothes, try the following stores in the cities of Balti and Chisinau:

Pet products

If you have a pet, you can find supplies at the following stores in Moldova:

You’ll have to go to a city like Balti or further south to Chisinau to find large pet supply stores.

Transport services

Public transport is a popular way to get around Moldova. The following transport methods are the most common options:

Tickets can be purchased from the driver.

You can also use trains, visit the railcc website for more information.

There are some taxi and car-sharing services available in the country, including the following:

Mobile prepaid

There are three main mobile service providers in Moldova:

Each has various prepaid SIM card options. You can visit the official sites for information on prices and how to apply.


To find accommodation in Moldova, you may find the following websites to be useful:

Translation apps for Romanian phrases

For quick translations, Google Translate is one of the best options.

Otherwise, the English to Romanian translator app on the App Store from SentientIT Software Solution can help you navigate conversations in Moldova.

We’re committed to doing everything we can to help people in Ukraine today. We’ve created a community support page to help those who are currently unsure what they can do. Whether you want to donate, or you’re in Ukraine seeking refuge, we hope some of this information is useful.

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