Where to get essential items in Hungary


If you’ve arrived in Hungary, this guide can help you find your feet and get the basic items you may need.

Hungary welcomes anyone seeking asylum from Ukraine.

You can cross the border to Hungary at the following locations, with 24/7 crossing permitted:

Zahony is the most frequent border crossing point from Ukraine to Hungary.

The Hungarian government is in the process of setting up help points to serve those who cross the border. You can find volunteers from the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid at border crossings and major train stations, who can supply free food, hot drinks, and help with any assistance required.

There is also a list of addresses and contact numbers for Ukrainians in Hungary you may find useful.

Beyond free assistance, this guide will cover where to buy items such as food, medicines, accommodation, and mobile services. The links in this guide will take you to Google maps locations close to Záhony, and in the major cities around Hungary.


In Hungary, the most popular supermarkets are:


In the Hungarian language, ‘Gyógyszertár’ or ‘Patika’ are the words for pharmacy.

You can find many pharmacies in Hungary that are open 24/7 in Budapest, and identify them with a green cross hanging from the store. You can buy some medication, such as painkillers and cold medicines, without prescriptions.

Here are a few pharmacy chains you’ll find in the country:

The closest pharmacy to Zahony is Forrás Gyógyszertár.

Hygiene products

Hygiene products can be found in most supermarkets and pharmacies throughout the country.


There are various clothing stores in Hungary where you can pick up the essentials, including the following shops:

For second-hand clothes, try the following stores:

The town of Kisvárda, near Zahony, has a cluster of clothes stores - both for new and used clothes.

Pet products

If you have a pet, you can find supplies at the following store near Zahony:

To find pet stores near you, enter ‘állatkereskedés’, the Hungarian phrase for ‘pet shop’ into a search engine.

Transport services

Budapest has a well-connected bus, metro, and tram network, which is run by the BKK. You can buy tickets from ticket machines at most stops, or use the mobile app. You can find ticket information via the BKK website.

There is also the option to travel by train via intercity, express, and passenger trains. You can search timetables and purchase tickets from the stations or on the MÁV website.

In Budapest, you can also use the MOL Bubi public bike-sharing system to get around. Register for free with the app, and use a QR code generated in the app to hire a bike. Here are the fees for the service, which are divided into monthly, yearly, and pay-as-you-go plans.

Taxi services:

⚠️ It’s important to use registered taxi services in Budapest, and to call a taxi to avoid being scammed by unlicensed drivers.

Car share services:

🔍 You can also read the guide to getting into and moving around Hungary for further information.

Mobile prepaid

Two mobile service providers in Hungary provide free pre-paid sim cards to Ukrainians, which are distributed with the help of the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organization.

Free sim cards and mobile devices can be collected at the border check-in points in Záhony, Lónya, and Tiszabecs. In Budapest, you can also find collection points in the WestEnd shopping center near the Western Railway Station.

At the moment, all basic Ukrainian (landline and mobile) telephone numbers can be called free of charge. The providers have also introduced free roaming in Ukraine.

Prepaid SIM cards can also be bought at supermarkets (usually by the tills) or Telekom and Vodafone stores. To find out more about prices, limits, and more, you can check each provider’s website.


Here are some websites you can use to find accommodation:

⚠️ Please note that you may also be able to find free accommodation offered by these sites. You can find more information on the official pages.

Translation apps for Hungarian phrases

Google Translate is a convenient solution for rapid translation.

For accurate translations to or from Hungarian, the website ‘Magyar-Angol-Szotar’ can be a useful tool.

We’re committed to doing everything we can to help people in Ukraine today. We’ve created a community support page to help those who are currently unsure what they can do. Whether you want to donate, or you’re in Ukraine seeking refuge, we hope some of this information is useful.

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