75% of UK SMEs that go global are more profitable

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Ever thought about whether your business would do better if it expanded overseas?

We've just launched Wise Business to cut the costs for companies that need to make international payments. We got curious to know what SMEs think about doing business across borders, so we decided to look into what UK businesses think about going international. What did we find out? Well, not only are UK SMEs expanding all over the world - and 75% of those that do enjoy better profits on average as a result (!) - but people head from all over the world to set up businesses here. In fact, almost half a million foreign entrepreneurs have started businesses in the UK, employing over 8.3 million people. Scroll down to find out more about where UK entrepreneurs come from, how many businesses there actually are there in Britain, and what do they think of Brexit...

Wise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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