The best apps for life in Australia


Made the move to Australia? You're not alone.

It's estimated that over 26% of the Australian population were born overseas.

Full of beaches, sunshine and cosmopolitan cities, Australia is a country that thrives on activity.

With that in mind, we’ve selected the essential Australian apps to help you get the best out of the great land down under:

Triplify Australia


Triplify is the traveller’s what’s on guide to Australia.

Get off the tourist trail and hang with the locals by experiencing the best local events - festivals, sports, street fairs, music, markets and more. Whether you want to party on the beach, shop at a local market or experience quirky outback festivals, Triplify will make your trip even better.

Available on Android and iPhone.



Another popular smartphone app for all public transport across Australia.

Ideal if you don’t just use buses to get around. Although not free, the beauty of this app is that it comes in multiple languages so if English is not your mother tongue, then this app is great.

You can download the app on Android or iPhone.



From finding a new flat, to selling .. pretty much anything. This is your go to.

If you've just moved (or are moving on) Gumtree is a great way to buy or sell your stuff. And you can find new roommates if you're new in town.

Download it for Android or iPhone.

Party With A Local

party with a local

Get an insider’s perspective on the hottest places to sample around your city.

Party With A Local isn’t just an in-phone guide. Forget your travel-guide recommendations and hear it direct from someone who has lived it. This app partners you up with a real-life locals to experience what it’s really like to explore the party and entertainment scene of the city.

It’s another way to discover city, with a knowledgeable guide, and potential new acquaintances along the way.

Available on iOS or Android

SurfStitch Surf Check


If you like to take to the waters, SurfStitch provides up-to-the-minute information about coastal conditions.

The paid app provides in-depth detail like ocean water temperature, wind conditions, locally produced surf-reports and a UV-index so you’ll be in prime position to assess how you’ll make it to the beach that day. It’s handy whether you’re hoping to catch some waves, or some sun-rays.

Buy SurfStitch Surf Check on iOS or Android



When you want food, but can’t make it to the restaurant to collect, Deliveroo steps in.

Order from some of your favourite places and have the food come to you instead. Simply order on your smartphone, and a Deliveroo dispatcher will deliver it direct to your door. Easy peasy, and delicious too.

Get it on iOS or Android

Pocket Weather

pocket weather

The Pocket Weather app is ideal if you a brief summary or detailed breakdown of Australia’s weather because the forecast isn’t always a smiley-faced sunshine emoji.

Loved by users, the app contains information such as an hourly weather breakdown up to a week in advance and customisation features so you can hone in on the stuff you need to know.

Download Pocket Weather on iOS or Android

Beat the Q

beat the Q

Let’s face it, waiting in a long queue for your food or coffee is hardly fun.

Beat the Q helps you avoid any long waits because you can order in advance at some of Australia’s busiest cafe hotspots with the app. Beat the Q is especially useful if you’ve sussed your order earlier in the day, so save the precious minutes of your lunch break and get your food when you want it. A win on both counts, right?

Get it on iOS or Android

Australian Slang

You know you’ve really immersed yourself in the culture of a place when you can roll off the slang like a seasoned local.

The Australian Slang app helps you do just that. It has a comprehensive listing of phrases and words unique to Australia, so whether you’ve been baffled at some conversation you’ve heard or want to drop a few phrases into your speech, this app will help.

Available on iOS and Android

And finally… Wise

Sending or receiving money from abroad? Wise is the fast, fair new way - this is how it works.

Download it for Android or iOS and start saving!

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