How much do the Selling Sunset houses cost? And other important real estate questions

Anna Allgaier

Is it good for us to aggressively Google what it would cost to live in a luxury mansion in Beverly Hills? Probably not, but we’re going to do it anyway.

If you’ve ever kicked back to relax with a cup of tea, a pair of overworn slippers and an episode of Friends only to think - hang on, how can they afford to live in that place while I’m here in a “cosy” studio working double the hours? You aren’t alone.

TV has lied to us about many things. It’s made us believe that 30-year-olds can play teenagers and we were just underdeveloped, that all you have to do to get the girl is be super pushy and show up outside of her house declaring your love, and that if you walk into a bar and say “I’ll have the regular” you won’t look ridiculous and you will get the right order.

But have we been lied to about our living situations too? Or is it finally time to leave your roommate behind, pack your bags and call an interior designer because baby, you’re moving on up. We’re here to investigate.

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First things first, the Selling Sunset houses

Alright, let’s get straight into it. You were thinking it, they were thinking it, I was thinking it. What are the Oppenheim Group salaries and are they taking applications?

Well, Jason Oppenheim rakes in a comfortable $2 million a year. No big deal. The rest of the gang get paid on a commission basis. So when Davina (controversial figure) sold a $75 million listing she earned $2,250,000.

That being said, I’m not sure if wearing heels all day and having to face the wrath of Christine is worth the pocket money.

The prices and locations on the hit Netflix show vary.

You could bag yourself a beautiful four bedroom apartment complete with pool and jacuzzi for $8.99million on Evanview Drive, Los Angeles. Or how about a five bedroom, seven bathroom house on Carbon Beach Terrace in Malibu?

Been saving up? Well then, how about the $75million property on North Beverly Hills Drive, Los Angeles. Complete with 12 bathrooms (choice is a must), 9 bedrooms, a pool, a theatre, a gym, a wine cellar, walk-in-wardrobes and a cinema.

Quite frankly, if I can’t live somewhere where I can play musical chairs with bathrooms, I don’t even want to look at it.

How much does the Bridget Jones flat cost?

Ah, Bridget Jones. She may have awful taste in men (just kidding Colin Firth, love you), but she has wonderful taste in apartments - oh and turkey curry. If you’re London-based or you’ve gone on holiday and taken a tour of Borough Market, the chances are you’ve walked past it.

Bridget’s flat is located on 8 Bedale Street above The Glove Tavern. And in my opinion, being above a pub almost justifies the price tag.

Back in the day of walkmans, double-denim and S Club 7, the flat would have sold for around £190,000. The book publisher where she worked as an assistant must have been very generous with their salaries.

Nowadays, the apartment would probably cost around £945,000. Be right back, just crying.

Now for the Friends apartment

This one’s a classic. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ve seen Friends. And while you may not have been envious of Ross’s hair-gel situation, you were 100% envious of Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

Now, I couldn’t find an exact salary for the two ladies but the chances are, their multitude of jobs ranging from Waitress to Chef probably wouldn’t cut rent. On the show, they pay $200 a month for their sweet digs in the West Village, New York.

In 2017, the flat was valued at $4,500 a month. So who knows how much that would have risen by now, but my guess is by quite a lot. I’ll leave you to do the maths on how many Cappuccinos Rachel would have to sell to bring home enough bacon for that.

Is Carrie Bradshaw's apartment looking for a new tenant?

Oh hey there Manolo’s and Manhattans.

Airbnb and Warner Bros. got together last year and recreated Carrie Bradshaw’s Upper East Side apartment. Yes, that’s right, you could have stayed in her flat, complete with closet, and tried on all of her clothes for a mere $23 a night.

During your stay, you could have expected to go for brunch in Chelsea to have a gossip with your friends like the ladies in Sex in the City. And you would have been welcomed with Cosmo’s on arrival. Dreams really can come true.

According to the series, Carrie’s flat cost $700 a month. We should point out that the flat doesn't really exist (sad times). Now, add about $2,300 to that figure and you’ll have what it would likely cost today.

Find the Home Alone House on Airbnb

The Home Alone House located in Winnetka, Illinois has played a part in every child’s Christmas since 1990. While they shot a lot of the movie there, many of the rooms were recreated in an abandoned school where they built a two-story set.

671 Lincoln Avenue sold for $1.585 million in 2012. Steep. It was possible to stay in the house, thanks to Airbnb, for only $25 a night. Complete with booby traps and fairy lights, of course.

While you may not be able to do that now, not all hope is lost. LEGO released a $250, 3,955 piece set of the house. So you know, that’ll do.

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