Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance: A guide for your next flight

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Each airline has its own policy on cabin luggage size, checked baggage allowance and the fees you’ll pay for extra bags. This guide sets out what you need to know about flying with Qatar Airways, including the allowed baggage weight and size, and hand luggage policies, to help you save money.

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Qatar Airways baggage size

The amount of luggage you can take into the cabin and check into the hold will depend on the ticket type you hold, and the route you’re flying. You’ll be able to get all the details from your ticket - and we have set out some guidelines for information below.

It’s worth noting that Qatar Airways specifies the dimensions of the bags you can check into the hold, using the total measurement of the height, width and length of the item. To check your bag is permitted you’ll need to measure it, add up the three figures, and check the total dimensions against the allowance on the ticket.¹

Qatar Airways hand luggage allowance

Your hand luggage - which is also called cabin baggage - is carried onto the plane with you. You’ll have access to these items during your flight.

Qatar Airways allows economy passengers to bring one piece of hand baggage which can weigh up to 7 kilogrammes. On flights to and from Brazil, passengers have a 10 kilo allowance. If you’re flying First Class or Business, you can take 2 pieces of hand luggage on board, with a combined weight of up to 15 kilogrammes.

Hand luggage bags should be no bigger than 50cm x 37cm x 25cm, and you’ll need to be able to fit extra items like your laptop bag into the number of hand luggage pieces permitted according to your ticket type. You can carry, in addition to your allowance, a handbag, duty free purchases and other reasonable items like an umbrella or reading materials.¹

Qatar Airways hold luggage allowance

The amount of hold luggage you can bring will depend on your route and ticket type. Your ticket will detail the number of bags, as well as the acceptable weight and the maximum dimensions of each piece of luggage. For most flights, the allowances are as follows:

  • Economy Class - 30kg
  • Business class - 40kg
  • First Class - 50kg¹

It’s worth noting the hold luggage policy is different for some routes, notably those going to and from some countries in the Americas, and routes originating in Africa. Make sure you know all the details for your flight before you pack.

What is hold luggage?

The term hold luggage simply refers to the bags you’ll check in upon arrival at the airport.

What is checked luggage?

Confusing as it may be, checked luggage and hold luggage mean the same thing. Qatar Airways refers to checked baggage - which also means the same.

Qatar Airways extra baggage allowance

You can pay to bring extra bags with you on your Qatar Airways flight. Here’s an overview of the process and options.

Qatar Airways extra baggage cost

If you’re flying to Argentina, Brazil, Canada or the USA you can book extra baggage by piece. For all other destinations you’ll pay per kilo. The price is determined by the flight route, and whether you buy your extra allowance online or offline.

If you’re flying to a destination in the Americas, you’ll usually pay USD 200-250 per extra luggage item. If your item weighs more than 23 kilos - up to a maximum of 32 kilos - there’s an extra fee of USD 50-65 on top of this charge.

For other routes from Europe, you can expect to pay USD 25-70 per kilogramme of additional baggage.²

Qatar Airways baggage policy

You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the Qatar Airways baggage policy before you get packing. Don’t forget to also look at the terms for any other airlines you’ll be using if you are taking connecting flights or codeshares.

Qatar Airways baggage fees

The fee for bringing extra baggage on a Qatar Airways flight varies depending on whether you’re arranging the additional allowance online or offline. Online can be 20% cheaper - which means that by setting up your extra baggage before you check-in, you can save yourself 20% of the cost.

What can I take in hand luggage on Qatar Airways?

Let’s take a look at some of the limits and restrictions when it comes to your hand luggage:

  • Only liquids which are under 100ml, and in a resealable 1 liter bag can be taken on board. There are exceptions for duty free, some medicines, and baby milk.
  • Prams, pushchairs and wheelchairs need to be security screened before they will be taken onto the plane.
  • Rules about electronic items vary. Check specific information for your destination.³

The information here is for general guidance only. You’ll need to double check the full details for your flight before you travel.

What is not allowed in hand luggage?

UK laws mean you can’t take certain things as hand luggage for safety reasons. You’ll find plenty of guidance on what can and can not be taken onto your flight, online. Here’s a look at some of the most important restrictions:

  • You can’t take bladed items like knives or large scissors, or sharp work tools.
  • No flammable items, explosives or fireworks.
  • Firearms - including replicas - are prohibited.
  • You can’t take anything which could be used as a weapon including sports equipment like cricket bats or golf clubs.³

Flying with a bike on Qatar Airways

You can transport your bike under the category of sporting goods. It can be checked in as part of your regular hold luggage allowance, or you can buy extra hold space for it if you need to. The fee depends on the weight and route. From European destinations, a 15 kilo bike would cost from USD 200-400 for example.²

Flying with a cat or dog on Qatar Airways

You can fly your cat dog, or bird with Qatar Airways. Exactly how the process works will depend on the route you’re flying, and in some cases, whether or not there’s space in the cabin.² Sometimes animals can be brought into the cabin, but if this is not possible they may be transported in the hold instead, under the care of specialist staff.⁴ If you want to travel with your animal friend, you will need to check if a pet passport is needed.

The price will depend on the size of pet you’re transporting:

  • Up to 32kg including cage or carrier - USD 200-350.
  • 32kg - 75kg including cage or carrier - USD 300-450.
  • Larger animals will be transported as cargo, and rates will be determined by the weight and size.

Customer Service: Qatar Airways

You can visit the Qatar Airways website and get the contact details you need - which are set out by query type - from the contact page.⁵ You can also chat with a service agent using the chat function on the website if you need to.

Make sure you know what baggage you’re allowed before you travel to the airport, or you could be hit with surprise charges.

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