Nightlife in A Coruña


Daniel Lee, studying in A Coruña, Spain

Nightlife is often a key consideration when choosing which university to go to. As an international student you’ll be renowned as the party kings and queens of the university.

Stick to this step-by-step plan for A Coruña-style partying and a great night out will be guaranteed.

Step 1: Pre-drinks

Most nights out will see a host of various busy drinks going on at different student flats across the city.

A botellón is another option. This is basically a legal party in public areas where hundreds of young people gather to socialise and drink together; a great way to meet new people. Remember (because you will forget) that pre-drinks are for drinking, but not getting so drunk that you can’t make it out. Believe me, I speak from experience. My advice would be to take a set amount of alcohol that’s right for you.

This also means you won’t have to return the following day to collect what you haven’t drunk, so that's an added bonus.

Step 2: The bar

After pre-drinks, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) will normally host a themed night for their students at small bars across the city. Most tend to have a dance floor, giving it a club feel without the entry cost and drinks are cheaper.

My personal favourite bars in A Coruña are Lion 14, Studio 54 and Grietax. Erasmus students are regulars here and get discounted drinks on ESN nights. Beers €2, shots €1,50 and long drinks €4- you can’t argue with those prices. By the time you’ve taken full advantage of the cheap drinks and consumed copious amounts of tequila, it’ll be 3am.


Step 3: The Club
Most clubs will open at 3am and they will have a ‘free hour’, where club entry is free. This is a great time to go.

While queues may be a little long, it’s worth it. If you don’t make it on time and have to pay, it’s normally around €5 and they’ll throw in a free drink too. The clubs are normally packed so you have to keep your friends close as once you lose them, that’s it for the night. Music varies from house, British and American chart music to Spanish tunes, so there’s something for everyone. My favourite clubs in A Coruña are Pelicano, right by the Marina and Moom 57, just meters from the Beach.


Step 4: Post-Club
The sun is rising, your phone is dead, you have a lonely €5 left in your wallet and you’re tired.

What do you do? Pizza.

Leaving the club at 7am, starving and in need of something to soak up the night’s alcohol intake, the many kebab shops or pizza houses stay open to the early hours as you stumble home. Keep an eye out for the good deals they offer too. After scoffing your post-club snack of choice it’s time for bed, ready to do the same all over again the following night.

Daniel Lee is studying Spanish & Italian, currently on his Erasmus year abroad.

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