Important addresses and contact numbers for Ukrainians in Slovakia


Emergency numbers

    Ministry of the Interior hotlines for Ukrainian speakers
  • Phone number: +421 513 816 111
  • Alternative phone number: +421 259 765 111
    International Organisation for Migration
  • Address: Grösslingová 35, 811 09, Bratislava
  • Alternative address: Poštová 1, 040 01 Košice
  • Website:
    Emergency (ambulance, fire brigade or police)
    Call 112

Arrival in Slovakia

Slovakia has opened the border for all the Ukrainians nationals coming from Ukraine who are seeking humanitarian aid. It’s possible to enter without paperwork, although you might request for asylum or humanitarian aid.

If you have paperwork and cross the border under the visa free scheme you have several choices to extend your stay in Slovakia:

Applying for residence through regular channels is usually achieved by having family or employment in Slovakia. However, the temporary refuge option is available to all Ukrainian citizens and their family members.

If you apply for temporary refuge you’ll be entitled to healthcare and accommodation if you need it. Application for temporary refuge can be made at the border or at a Foreign Police Department at your destination in Slovakia.

If you don’t have an alternative place to stay arranged you’ll be accommodated at the asylum camp at Humenne.

Applying for international protection is a more complex process, and you’re advised to seek legal advice and support if you decide to pursue this route. Organisations which may be able to help include:

Human Rights League

Address: Račianska 80, Bratislava

Phone: + 421 918 366 968


Slovak Humanitarian Council

Address: Budyšínska 1, Bratislava, 831 03

Phone:+421 51 70 81 777


Here are some other useful resources:


Once you arrive in Slovakia you’ll be guided to find the medical help and support you need by local authorities. Here are a few hospitals in key locations:

  • Address: Pažítková 4, 821 01, Bratislava
  • Phone: +421 2 48234 111
    Bratislava - alternative options
  • Old Town: Mickiewiczova street 13
  • Kramáre: Limbová street 5
  • Ružinov: Ružinovská street 6
  • Petržalka: Antolská street 11
  • Address: Nemocničná 7, 066 01 HUMENNÉ
  • Phone: +421 57 38 12 888
  • Phone for Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian requests: 055 / 327 7777
  • Address: FNsP J. A. Reimana Prešov, Jána Hollého 5898/14
  • 081 81, Prešov
  • Phone: +421 51/7011111


The Ukrainian State Border Guard website gives details of the border crossing points with Slovakia, including the types of traffic allowed to cross, and whether the crossing is fully open.

There’s an estimate of the wait times to cross the borders available here although it’s worth noting that delays are reported to be long, and may exceed the times shown online.

At the borders there are non governmental organisations and volunteers working alongside police and officials to help support new arrivals. However, it’s important to have adequate food and water if possible, to manage a long wait.

You can also access the Ukrainian State Border Guard interactive map of border crossing points to learn more.

Border point (Ukrainian side) Border point (Slovakian side) Transportation types
UzhorodVyšné NemeckéCrossing allowed by car and on foot
Mali SelmentsiVelyki SlemenceCrossing allowed on foot


  • From the border crossing Vyšné Nemecké there is a free shuttle bus to the railway station to Košice and Michalovce
  • Transport on all trains in Slovakia is free for Ukrainian refugees upon presentation of ID
  • Transport on buses in Bratislava is also free - local information is available upon arrival in Bratislava
  • Wizz Air is offering free short haul flights for Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian Embassy in Slovakia

    City and type
    Address and contact details
    Embassy of Ukraine in Slovakia
  • Address: Radvanská 35, 81101, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Phone: +421 259 202 810
  • Hotline: +421 259 202 813
  • Email:
  • Website:

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