How much should I tip!? Here's how to get it right in 45 countries.


From restaurants to cab rides, here's a guide to what you should tip in 45 different countries


Click on the infographic to zoom in and find out what you should tip in each country_ Tipping culture varies across situations, countries and regions, which can often leave both the tipper and receiver feeling uneasy. For example, in Argentina, India and Tanzania, it’s socially acceptable to leave 10 percent of the restaurant bill, while in Croatia, Morocco, Denmark, and China you’re not expected to leave anything. The heaviest gratuity culture of all is in North America where a 15 percent tip is standard, with countries like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, England and Nicaragua following close behind. On the other side of the world, it couldn't be more different. Did you know that tipping is traditionally considered “un-Australian”? Only since the rise of tourism has the custom become acceptable Down Under. Likewise in Japan, a country that boasts one of the best service industries in the world, it’s frowned upon to add to the service charge included in your bill. Wherever you are, leaving a tip is about offering a fair compensation to an individual earning a living. With our handy visual guide to tipping around the world, you’ll be sure to get it right on your next trip. May you never stick out like a sore thumb as the overgenerous tourist again! Infographic design by Selma-Rachel Swire for Transferwise. Text by Lisa Roolant, a writer for Transferwise.

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