How moving to the USA is changing Brits

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###After a record week for US to UK transfers on Wise, we set out to find out a bit more about the 680,000 people living in the U.S. who were born in the UK.

Two killer data points? Thanks to the soaring dollar, Brits in the US now make £10K more on average than they did in June last year; and they are four times more likely to be fans of Donald Trump on social media than David Cameron.

Using U.S. Census data and Facebook insights, we pulled data on all British expats who have now migrated to the States. Cross referencing that list with several popular trending topics, we found a clear divide between Brits sticking to their roots and going with U.S. trends.

The data tells us that Her Majesty, The Queen, is significantly more popular than the leading Republican candidate Donald Trump, even if he trounces Dave. No big surprise there? Well, it also tells us that the NFL star Tom Brady, is twice as popular as Wayne Rooney among U.S. Brits.

What about the fact that Everton is the second most popular Premier League football club, beating teams with huge overseas followings like Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham?

But it's not all about politics and sports, we also saw that Brits working in the U.S. are earning significantly higher per year than they would back home. More than double the average UK income.

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