Cost of Living in Croatia 2019-2020

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Croatia is rich with vibrant historical cities, as well as miles of coastline and fresh, tasty cuisine. It’s a popular tourist destination, and one that's increasingly attracting expats.

If you’re considering moving to Croatia for business or pleasure, you’ll need to get an idea of the living costs. This guide will help kick start your research. We’ll also cover how Wise can help save you money. More on that later.

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How expensive is Croatia in comparison to other countries?

Life in Croatia is relatively cheap compared to other European countries or North America. Expat website ranks Croatia 55th from a list of 105 countries in terms of the cost of living overall.¹

Understanding costs in Croatia

The money in Croatia is called the kuna. It’s often written as Kn in shops and restaurants, and HRK in money exchange stores. Here’s an estimate to help you convert various world currencies into Croatian kuna - use a handy online currency converter to get the most up to date rates:

  • £1000 = HRK8280.98
  • €1000 = HRK7394.82
  • US$1000 = HRK6715.25
  • AU$1000 = HRK4615.39

*These calculations are only correct at the time of research, on 12 September 2019. Check the most up to date exchange rates using an online currency converter.

It might also help you build a picture of the costs of living in Croatia if you compare the prices of regular expenses in Croatia versus some other major cities. As an example, take a look at this overview of key living costs across 6 cities:

Comparing basic cost of living 1 bedroom flat in city centre (monthly rent) Meal for 2 (mid range restaurant) Transportation (monthly pass)
Zagreb HRK3,455.79 HRK250HRK HRK360²
Split HRK2,898.62 HRK250 HRK290³
London, UK HRK14,061.64 HRK454.61 HRK1,239.84⁴
New York City, USA HRK20,811.44 HRK535.06 HRK849.41⁵
Berlin, Germany HRK6,415.31 HRK295.72 HRK598.84⁶
Sydney, Australia HRK11.885.30 HRK406.86 HRK965.43⁷

What are the most expensive and cheapest major cities? provides a cost of living index for many major cities around the world. According to their statistics, the most expensive city in Croatia is Zagreb. This is relatively closely followed by a few other of the country’s larger cities. The costs of living will likely increase in major cities and where there are many tourists and travellers - and fall in more rural areas. Here they are in order:

  • Zagreb
  • Split
  • Rijeka
  • Osijek⁸

What are the average salaries in Croatia?

Knowing what you might be able to earn in Croatia is essential to working out if a move is feasible or desirable. Salaries in Croatia overall are on the low side, reflecting the relatively low cost of living in the country.

To help you compare the salaries on offer with those you might find elsewhere in the world, we have shown them in GBP. To check other roles, and continue your research online, head over to, where you’ll find lots of real time information about different expat destinations.

Salary averages for Zagreb Estimated salary in GBP (annual)
Cashier 5,281 GBP
Copywriter 13,796.88 GBP
Financial analyst 12,004.22 GBP
Graphic designer 9,698.09 GBP
Mobile developer 13,927.20 GBP
Product manager 18,971.42 GBP
Receptionist 13,076.00 GBP
Software engineer 16,081.66 GBP
Teacher 10,291.08 GBP
Web developer 13,181.31 GBP¹⁰

How expensive is housing and accommodation in Croatia?

No matter where in the world you live, housing is likely to be one of your major costs. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay for different types of apartments in 3 of Croatia’s major cities.

Renting in Zagreb Average monthly cost
1 bedroom apartment - in city centre HRK3,455.79
1 bedroom apartment - outside city centre HRK2,457.10
3 bedroom apartment - in city centre HRK5,626.57
3 bedroom apartment - outside city centre HRK3,866.01
Internet HRK158.81²
Renting in Split Average monthly cost
1 bedroom apartment - in city centre HRK2,900.40
1 bedroom apartment - outside city centre HRK2,371.58
3 bedroom apartment - in city centre HRK5,389.56
3 bedroom apartment - outside city centre HRK3,738.50
Internet HRK172.14³
Renting in Rijeka Average monthly cost
1 bedroom apartment - in city centre HRK2,277.78
1 bedroom apartment - outside city centre HRK1,888.89
3 bedroom apartment - in city centre HRK3,397.98
3 bedroom apartment - outside city centre HRK2,575.27
Internet HRK164¹¹

What about healthcare and dental costs in Croatia?

If you’re planning on moving to Croatia, you can expect to pay into the state health system, and in return you’ll receive most treatment free when you need it. Health care contributions in Croatia are mandatory for all employed citizens and are paid for by their employers. If you have family members who are dependent on you, then they can obtain their health care coverage through these contributions. If you're self-employed in Croatia, you're also obliged to pay health care contributions.

There’s a small charge for some specialist treatments, and you can also choose to take private health insurance and opt for care at one of the private hospitals available in the major cities if you prefer. Life expectancy in Croatia is just over 78 years, similar to that in the US but slightly behind the UK figure of 80 years.¹²

How much are travel and transportation costs in Croatia?

The type of travel that suits you will depend on where you live and the lifestyle you choose to live. Here’s an idea of some of the typical costs you’ll face when getting around in Croatia.¹³

Transportation and vehicle prices for Croatia Average cost
Gasoline (1 litre / 0.25 gallon) HRK9.99
Monthly bus/transport pass HRK350
Bus ticket, single use HRK10
Taxi tariff, 1km HRK6
Toyota Corolla, new HRK143,766.98
VW Golf, new HRK140,000⁹

How much does education cost?

If you live in one of the major cities in Croatia, you’ll have a choice of local and international schools, as well as several universities. University tuition fees vary depending on whether you’re considered an international student or not, and based on the course type you choose. The figures below give an outline, but there is a broad range of options, so you’ll need to do your own research to find the right one for you.

School in Croatia Average cost
Preschool / kindergarten HRK950.35/month
Private school for lower grades HRK29,016.13/year⁹
University tuition - humanities/arts courses HRK6000 - HRK16,000/year
University tuition - technical/science courses HRK20,000 - HRK27,000/year¹⁴

If you’re looking to live on a low budget, or have a fixed income and need to maximise how far your money goes, Croatia may be a good choice. With an excellent standard of living, and relatively low costs - not to mention beautiful scenery and enviable weather - you can build a great life for less.

Make sure you’re getting all you can from your money, by using Wise and the multi-currency account to move your funds from the UK to Croatia for a low fee, using the mid-market exchange rate. There’s no exchange rate markup, and no hidden fees - leaving you less to worry about so you can get on with enjoying life in Croatia.

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