Australians in the US - Vegemite beats Trump


###We've always been curious how expats move away from everything they know and love to a new country and start something new.

Following our launch in Australia in December, and the recent fluctuations in the Australian Dollar, we thought we'd do some research on the 84,000+ Australians currently in the U.S. - and how they handle US life.

What jumped out? Well, thanks to the soaring U.S. dollar last year, the annual household income of Aussies in the US rose by over A$20K in Australian terms.

We dug into U.S. Census data along with Facebook insights and found that while Aussies are still hold faithful to Australian brands, they're more fickle when it comes to sports heroes and movie stars.

And to reaffirm your faith in expat Aussies here in the States: The data tells us that Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate, is significantly more popular than the 28th Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott. But then AC/DC beats Trump and Vegemite...Well it's not even a contest. The Donald didn't stand a chance.

####Take a look below at what else we found, mate:

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