10 Apps To Set You Up For Life in Brussels


###So you’re an expat living in Brussels, awesome! To help get you set up we’ve got 10 top mobile apps that will make it easier to settle in.

Whether learning a language, getting around the city, nightlife or the top places to discover, this list has got you covered:

####Nemo App for Languages

nemo app for languages

With Belgians speaking two languages, deciding which one to learn can be tricky.

Luckily there are apps should you wish to learn either French or Dutch (Flemish). Learning some of the local language(s) will enable your expat journey to be even more fulfilling. Even learning just a few words can go a long way with the locals.

Dutch: Android and iPhone.

French: Android and iPhone.

####Expats in Brussels

brussels city

An App for expats. In Brussels. Perfect.

With hundreds of locations listed for expats living in Brussels, Expats in Brussels is the ultimate app for discovering and locating top services including kids activities, culture, fitness, accommodation and health services.

Download here on Android or iPhone.



MIVB-STIB (STIB in French, MIVB in Dutch) is the local public transport operator in Brussels.

This little app can locate where you are and find you local transport services, including buses, metro and trams. The nifty journey planner will advise you on which services you need to take to get to your destination.

Available on Android and iPhone.

####Villo! Brussels


If you prefer to cycle around the city then you can rent a bike using Villo!

The app locates Villo! Stations and you can add these to a widget on your home screen knowing where your favourite locations are to get around the city.

The app is made by JCDecaux and you can download it below:

Android or iPhone.


**The b2n app is the most complete nightlife guide of Brussels.**

From the smallest and cosiest bars, awesome concert venues to the hottest clubbing nights in the capital, this app has got it covered!

Download here on Android or iPhone.

####Brussels Airport

brussels airport

Being an expat you probably travel to and from Brussels frequently.

Thankfully there is a great mobile app to obtain vital Brussels Airport information in just a few clicks.
The app allows you to track specific flights, stay up-to-date with actual waiting times at security, and find out about last minute gate changes or the belt your luggage is on.

Download here on Android or iPhone.


**Negotiating a taxi journey when you don’t speak the same language as the driver can be challenging.**

This fantastic app allows you to request a taxi and check its progress on a map as it is on its way to you, even allowing you to contact the driver. If you add a bank card to your account, you can travel without the need for cash and simply debit your account, it’s that easy!

You can download the app on Android and iPhone.


The brilliance of Airbnb is that you can find accommodation living with locals, like a local.

So whether you are staying as a guest or living as an expat, you can find non-hotel accommodation that suits you. You can use the app to find last minute accommodation or something longer term.

Available on Android and iPhone.

####1207 Apps

The 1207 app empowers you to find any person, professional, business or administration in Belgium.

Furthermore this app is particularly useful as it allows you to know who is calling you if the number is not in your mobile contact list. If you need to save your favourites, just add to your address book or export the details.

You can download the app on Android, Windows and iPhone.


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