8 Essential Apps for Expats in San Francisco


New to living in San Francisco? Getting setup in a new city always has its difficulties. From finding the best places to hang out to getting used to navigating around town – every city is different. But, if you’ve got a smartphone, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top apps for navigating expat life in The Bay Area:

The original SF/Arts website, is a trusted resource for the culturally interested with more than 1,000 art events. And now the same folks have put all the information from the site into a convenient, easy to use app.

The app allows you to search events in pretty much any conceivable way and even gives you direct link for tickets. Making it easy to explore San Francisco’s legendary creative scene.

SF/Arts Express is available for iOS and Android.

Life gets busy. Specially when living in a city like San Francisco.

Sprig brings you delicious and healthy meals so you can still have time to keep explore and have fun. The best part is that your meal arrives in around 20 minutes!

__Sprig is available for [iOS](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sprig-delicious-meals.

-honest/id728975731) and Android.__

Getting around San Francisco can get a bit tricky. Citymapper helps you master your new city with the power mobile and open transport data.

This apps has crazy local service integrations as well as partnerships with Uber and bike shares for those times that you don’t want to deal with public transportation. Making it the last transportation app you’ll ever need.

Citymapper is available for iOS and Android.

The Off The Grid app helps you keep track of the best food trucks San Francisco has to offer.

With it, you’ll be able to get live updates and announcements about upcoming Street Food markets and local vendors. It even has information about each truck’s schedule so you’ll know if whether or not you should pack your lunch for the day.

OffTheGrid is available for iOS and Android.

So you moved into your new San Francisco apartment and it doesn’t have a washing machine. What’s up with that?!

Washio will pick up your clothes and return them back to you clean with the tap of a button. So go recharge at Twin Peaks and devour sandwiches at Ike’s. Before you know it, your closet will be replenished with clean clothing and ready to go.

Washio is available for iOS and Android.

Every city has its scene. With DoStuff, you can easily connect with San Francisco’s unique scene.

What’s great about this app is that they meticulously filter out the noise so that you can go out and enjoy the best music, drinks, and good times your new city has to offer.

DoStuff is available for iOS and Android.

There is definitely no better way of discovering and exploring San Francisco than with Detour’s audio guides.

Using iPhone magic, your narrator will automatically guide you as you walk through spots that make San Francisco famous and infamous. Their Group Sync feature enables you and your friends to have a shared experience learning the city’s secrets from the locals who know it best.

Detour is only available for iOS – sorry Android users!

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