8 essential apps for expats in Paris


New to living in Paris?

Getting setup in a new city always has its hurdles. From finding a place to live to getting around town - every city is different. But, if you've got a smartphone, we've got you covered. Here are our top apps for navigating expat life in Paris: Visit Paris by Metro The best way to get around Paris is undoubtedly the Metro. Less glamorous, maybe, but at least you avoid the traffic.

Visit Paris by Metro is the one stop app for everything Metro, rail, trams and busses. And it's available in multiple languages. Win!

Download it for iPhoneand Android.

The Fork

A TripAdvisor App, The Fork is a must have for any Parisian food fan. It give you reviews of the best eateries - and discounts in many of them. You can also reserve tables within the App - perfect if you're still polishing your French.

Download it for iPhone and Android. (And if you fancy something after dinner, check out our favourite Paris bars here).


Struggling with your French? Duolingo can help (although getting used to the accent is on you!). This great app makes learning a new language (or improving your language skills) super easy. And if it's not the one for you, check out our blog on the best language learning apps here.

Duolingo is available for iPhone and Android.

Looking for a place to live?

If you're looking for a place to live in Paris, Pap.fr is a good place to start. It's extremely popular (and flats disappear fast), so it's also worth checking out the likes of WeRoom if you're looking for flatshares.

Pap.fr is available for iPhone and Android.

Time Out: Discover your city

Paris has some of the most vibrant nightlife and culture in Europe. But you already knew that. Time Out is a great resource for finding Paris' best things to do, restaurants, theatre and nightlife - all in one place.

Download it for iOS and Android.


Use the AlloCab app to book rides not only around Paris, but in several other French cities. The app is in French but is easy to follow, allowing you to book a car with just one click and get a fixed price for your cab - regardless of traffic. You can track your driver on the map to see how close they are, and receive a text message when your car is nearly there.

Available for iPhone and Android.


Paris is famed for it's art - and if street art is more up your street than fine art, this ones for you. Urbacolors helps you locate the best street art in Paris using your mobile. Great for exploring.

Download for iPhone and Android.

And finally... Wise

Sending or receiving money from abroad? Wise is the fast, fair new way - this is how it works.

Download it for Android or iOS and start saving!

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