7 best bars in Prague


You might be arranging the ultimate stag do, or just planning for your weekend away. Whatever the reason, here are the best bars for every kind of night out in Prague.

AnonymouS - themed bar

Based on the Anonymous group and their Guy Fawkes mask-wearing members. With the in a courtyard set back from the main street, this cozy bar has a great mix of locals and tourists. You can simply enjoy a beverage, or figure out clues and enjoy the "hidden" menu. If you don't want to pick from their original concoctions (with even more original serving arrangements), the bartenders will make something just for you. It will be busy on weekends, but is definitely worth a visit.

Black Angel's - like a Medieval castle

It’s actually a hotel bar (but it doesn’t feel like it). Rooms on multiple levels, an underground stone cellar, and dimly lit candles give the place a Medieval feel. There is a wide range of cocktails at reasonable prices. 'Penicillin' appears to be a frequent favourite, and we're particularly delighted by the multifaceted diamond-shaped ice cubes.

The Dubliner Irish Pub - beer, music, and sports.

A good choice if you're looking for somewhere to watch the football! There's live music most nights and always good music playing over the speakers during the rest of the day. The diverse menu includes a lot of British pub favourites. Though it isn't located in the old square, it's still close enough to walk to the sites. The staff are really friendly staff and offer table service.

Hemingway Bar - 1930s vibe

Stocked with more than two hundred varieties of rum. The historic ambience is created with leather sofas and chairs, vintage bar tools, and framed photos of Ernest Hemingway. The Hemingway Bar devotes considerable attention to his drinks of choice: absinthe, rum and Champagne. Guests can order a rum “tasting experience” (pre-order necessary) involving several two-centilitre samples of rum.

Bugsy's Bar - professional service, quality cocktails.

Expect a mixed crowd (20s to late 40s) and a good DJ set.

Located a few minutes away from the old town square. The bar has a trendy lounge feel and a detailed cocktail book that features unique concoctions as well as classics. The cheese sticks served with the drinks are a popular favourite with visitors. Book a table in advance on a weekend.

Boulder Bar- wall climbing

Just your average have-a-beer-and-boulder bar.

Great place to come with friends. Typical czech "hospoda" (pub) atmosphere with friendly English speaking staff, great beer, and a selection of snacks. The total area of the ??bouldering wall is over 300 m2 and a maximum height of 4.3 m. If that's not enough to keep you entertained, there's also foosball.

Kino Svetozor - cinema/ bar

A great place for cultural junkies and curious visitors.

This small and cozy underground bar is great place for cinema fans to enjoy a drink, before, after, or of course during a show. The specialty is an eponymous beer - the lager Svetozor - brewed in the town of Nová Paka. The bar is also used as a photography gallery. Films showcased at this cinema are cultural art films and are English-friendly.

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