13 essential apps for expats in London


New to living in London? Everyday pains probably include dodging tube strikes, finding somewhere to eat (that isn't Pret) and finding a flat that doesn't blow the budget.

If you've got a smartphone, we've got you covered. Here are our top apps for navigating expat life in London:


THE best way to get around in London is CityMapper. Simply put in your location, destinations and choose how you want to get there. The app does the rest. Tube strikes? Meh.

Available for iPhone and Android.


Struggling with the language? Duolingo can help.

This great app makes learning a new language (or improving your language skills) super easy. And if it's not the one for you, check out our blog on the best language learning apps here.

Duolingo is available for iPhone and Android.

Spare Room

Looking for new digs? You've probably noticed that London is an expensive place to rent.

Flatsharing is the best way to save money on rent (and still live within a reasonable distance of Central London!). SpareRoom is the UK's most popular site for finding a flat share - or new roommates.

Download for iOS and Android.

Great Little Place

So you've found your new flat, settled into the area - but where to grab a good coffee, beer or meal in the area?

Great Little Place is a great way to find and share them. GLP will shows you places close to your location - just like on Tinder an easy swipe will either dismiss or save a place.

Available for iPhone.


Yplan is great for browsing events that happen in your area and then purchase tickets directly on the app.

Even better, you'll have the ticket digitally on your phone. That's right, no more print out tickets. It makes the entire process of 'What shall we do tonight' smoother and quicker - goodbye boring nights in.

Available for iPhone


Everyone dreads that moment when you're out with your friends and you hear the bar bell ring. Often you're simply not drunk enough for the night bus.

This usually leads to walking around London aimlessly looking for a 24 hour off-license. The solution? Nightcapp! This app shows you all the places that are still open and serving alcohol. Cheers!

Available on iPhone

London Coffee Network

Yes, there is a Starbucks at every corner, but for those of you who prefer independent coffee shops we've got good news.

London Coffee Network will list independent little coffee shops near you. Next time you're out and about and can't find an indie coffee place, simply go on the app and see where you can get that coffee fix.

Available for iPhone


London has some of the best eateries in the world. And now, with Deliveroo, you can get your grub delivered.

This isn't just normal takeaway food - so if you're missing your home cuisine have a browse on the app to track down the best local restaurants.

Available on iOS and Android.

Tube exits

The train stops you get off and need to walk all the way to the other end of the platform for the exit - your day is potentially ruined if this happens during rush hour and you're stuck in tube purgatory.

Tube exits is an app that will work out the best carriage to get on for your journey. Spooky.

Available for iPhone


You've probably heard of Uber. In fact you've probably used it in your home city.

If not we recommend downloading it. Here's why:

• It's super cheap (much cheaper than black cabs, although we recommend trying that at least once for the London experience!)
• No language barriers. If you know where you're going you can just add the destination in the app. Simple.

Available for iPhone and Android.


Hate the stuffy, crowded underground? Some people prefer to travel London by bus.

But bus routes are much more complicated than the tube map. Dubbledecker gives you access to London's bus network and will tell you exactly when the next bus is due. Taking the bus has never been easier.

What's more, it was built by a Wiser, our awesome designer Kish Patel.

Available on iPhone.

Street Art London

London's walls are full of amazing street art.

But if you don't have time to stroll around in the hope of discovering the artwork the app Street Art London is just what you need. It lists all the street art in the city - making it easy to find the artwork and get some snaps.

Your Instagram followers will LOVE it.

Available for iPhone.

And finally... Wise

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Download it for Android or iOS and start saving!

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