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Hello friends of Omar and the $100MBA

It's time to save your earnings from PayPal and banks.

Click below, enter an amount up to $250, and we'll waive the fee on your first transfer.

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What freelancers can do with a Wise account:

Get paid with no fees

Use GBP, EUR, AUD, or USD bank details on invoices. Move money into your account from platforms like Upwork.

How to get paid with no fees

Work in multiple currencies

Get paid in one currency, pay for things in another. Hold up to 27 – and convert between them in seconds.

How to work in multiple currencies

Send money abroad

Send money to 60+ countries using the real exchange rate. No inflated numbers or unfair fees – and it’s quick and easy.

How to send money abroad

An account fit for your lifestyle.

Being your own boss rocks – but in our always connected and on-the-go world, 24 hours is never enough.

We want to save you time. A Wise account gives you more control and flexibility. You'll decide what currency to invoice in, and we'll hold all your earnings in one place. You don't have to worry about multiple accounts, and you'll spend less on fees.

Be efficient. Spend more hours making money, not managing it.

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It's like having an account in the UK, Eurozone, and Australia.

We're not a bank – but you'll get the advantages of having an account in the countries where you have clients.

No setup fees, no monthly fees, no international receiving fees, and no exchange rate markups. We'll always give you the real, mid-market rate, unlike PayPal or the banks.

Oh, and it takes just minutes to open.

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"Banking across borders used to be an expensive pain in the neck until Wise found a better way to do it."

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"Unlike traditional accounts, the borderless account charges no set up or monthly fees, and users can receive money for free."

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"Hold money in different currencies with account numbers for use in the UK, US and Europe."

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35,000+ happy reviews on Trustpilot. Customers love Wise.

Regulated by FinCEN and financial authorities. Find out more

Wise already helps millions of customers save money all around the world.

Your money is held in a low-risk financial institution and always available. Find out more

Terms and conditions

The test transfer is free up to $250 and is only valid for first-time users. Whether or not the amount you send will be free depends on how much you send and which currencies you send between. To check before you send, see our full pricing details at

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