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Sustainability and Social Impact

Over the past ten years, Wise has given millions of people and small businesses the power to handle money better. But our responsibility extends further – to the planet and its communities


We've been measuring our carbon footprint since 2019. And as of 2022, our net corporate emissions were 33,952 metric tons of CO2.

Steps to Net Zero

Carbon Neutral

Wise has been Carbon Neutral since 2020

Carbon Capture

Wise has committed to Frontier

Net Zero

Wise aims for Net Zero emissions by 2030

Reducing our footprint

We are starting to prioritise Environment, Social Impact and Governance scores when reviewing third parties
We have updated our travel policy to prioritise virtual events and low-carbon travel modes
Cloud computing
We are continuing to work with AWS to make our cloud usage as efficient as possible
We have had clean power in our largest offices since 2021

Eco-friendly card

We launched eco-friendly cards made of bio-sourced plastic for our UK and EU customers.

Social Impact at Wise

We prioritise grassroot impact and partner with charities who know their local communities better than us.

Investing in inclusive culture

We champion inclusivity not only inside our offices, but outside. We support organisations investing in building sustainable communities, from indigenous’ collectives in Mexico to women’s entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Building a new generation of talent

We support the next generation of tech talent by partnering with organisations that help young people develop and build their skills.

Learn about early careers at Wise