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Legal parameters to all 20 Under 20 participants

Application is open to all founders and co-founders of UK, Europe and Australia based companies.

Company must be officially registered by 1 August 2021.

Applicant must be 16-19 at the point of the application closing date.

Each of the winning 20 Under 20 will be limited to a ‘fair usage’ of £1 million fee-free transfers with a Wise Business account, after which normal charges will apply. This offer excludes all transfers made via the SWIFT network (including the United States). The fee-free account for the 20 must be registered in the name of someone aged over 18.

The applicant agrees to consent to Wise collecting, storing and processing their personal data which the applicant provides to Wise in their application. Wise will collect, store and process this personal data for the purposes of enabling Wise and the 20 Under 20 judges to select the top 20 winners of this 20 Under 20 competition. The applicant acknowledges that Wise shall, in connection with this application, collect, store and process the applicant’s personal data in accordance with the Wise privacy policy (as amended from time to time).

Legal parameters to all 20 Under 20 participants