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A night on the town in Tel Aviv. Skin cream from the Dead Sea. A camel ride in the Negev.

You can spend shekels on countless cool things in Israel. But until this week, if you sent money there, you'd be paying more than you should.

Now those days are over. Because now you can send money to Israel with TransferWise.

Here are some important things to know about doing that:

  • As always, you'll get a great exchange rate
  • As always, there won’t be any hidden fees
  • Our fee is 1%, stated right upfront
  • You can make ILS transfers on, with our iOS and Android apps
  • You can make business transfers to Israeli Shekels, too (as long as the currency you're transferring from allows them)

Whether you need to move money between your own accounts, send money to family or friends, pay bills or manage invoices for your business, TransferWise will save you time and money, and makes the process much easier.

And since we always use the real exchange rate — unlike banks and brokers who hide big costs in the bad exchange rates they use — you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to receive every time.

So when you next want to send money to Israel, remember there's a smart new way to do it. And why not invite your friends? When 3 people that you invite sign up and and each make one transfer over $300 (or equivalent in the currency they send us), you’ll earn $75 or equivalent, supported currency of your choice.

Click here for more details on ILS transfers.


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