Wise launches partnership with I Live Here I Give Here

Caroline Corbett-Thompson

How Wisers are showing up for the community in Austin, TX

At Wise, we are on a mission to make our customers' lives easier and save you money, and create a fairer world by building transparent, seamless products that enhance financial inclusion.

Outside of our technology, we believe that one of the best ways to have social impact and effect change in our communities is by working with and supporting grassroots organizations who know their communities the best. That’s why, as a company with a growing base in Austin, we are extremely proud to be partnering with I Live Here I Give Here.

I Live Here I Give Here is a NGO connecting over 700 non-profits in the Austin area, and coordinates volunteering opportunities for local companies like Wise, as well as an annual fundraiser, ‘Amplify Austin Day’, every year in March. Amplify Austin Day is I Live Here I Give Here’s signature program and the biggest giving event in Central Texas, raising $102.7 million for the local community since 2013. This year, our Wisers are donating alongside individuals and companies across the region to make Central Texas a better place to live, work and play.

Many of our Wisers already have experience volunteering in their local communities - whether in Austin or another city they’ve lived in before. We asked them about their experiences to date, and why they’re excited about this partnership.

Ivan Velez, Due Diligence Agent

I have volunteered throughout my life, most recently for the Central Texas Food Bank where I help inspect, clean, sort and box donated food for those in need. Food security can be a real struggle for some families and oftentimes it's because of external factors outside of their control. I volunteer to offer them support in the best way I can.

I'm excited about Wise’s partnership with I Live Here I Give Here because it will allow us to assist more amazing local charities that may often be overlooked. Wise's support in this partnership really shows that this isn't just a job, we're a revolution!


Jennifer Jones, CS Social Media Specialist

I’ve been volunteering at my public library for almost a year now, shelving returned books and re-organizing the children’s section. I decided to volunteer there first and foremost because I have an extreme love and passion for books/reading. But volunteering with the library also gives me a sense of purpose, knowing that I don’t have the necessary skills to do what the librarians do, but I can free up their time so that they can dedicate it to the patrons instead of doing tasks that can be done by volunteers like me.

Local libraries across the country are an extremely necessary resource for their communities, and I’ve seen firsthand the impact that these organizations can have in the lives they touch. Wise’s partnership with I Live Here I Give Here excites me because l know that by coming together, we can continue to make a difference to more, equally deserving organizations.


Rebecca Loth, CS Social Media Specialist

I used to volunteer for a local young adult group in Austin, and one of our core missions was finding ways to connect young adults to service opportunities in their community. We often partnered with Mobile Loaves & Fishes/Community First! Village, a social outreach ministry that provides support to those experiencing homelessness.

In our first intro to I Live Here I Give Here, the team shared a Ghandi quote: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." This really rang true to my experience with volunteering. I truly got to witness the way these opportunities bettered the lives of the volunteers themselves, alongside the beauty of the service provided to others.

I'm so excited that Wise is partnering with I Live Here I Give Here, because it will open the doors to so many opportunities we might not know how to find on our own, or might feel too nervous or inexperienced to reach out to. Having the support of this organization to make a local impact is really exciting, and I can't wait to get started.


Alongside Ivan, Jennifer and Rebecca, every Wiser in our Austin office is offered one volunteering day per year as part of our benefits package, giving us all the opportunity to contribute to the local community. Wise’s Volunteer Day is not just a perk; it’s a celebration of community, camaraderie, and making a difference.

With the help of I Live Here I Give Here, we are linking our Austin Wisers up with volunteering opportunities that matter to them, and making our collective mark on the city. We are proud to support our local community, and can’t wait to see how this partnership unfolds.

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